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Pastor Fish Has Launched !

Finally, it’s here: the launch of the new app, Pastor Fish!  It’s a fun and whimsical presentation of Gospel songs and stories for children and the young at heart, in a children’s radio show format! Find out more…

July 12, 2017 in Featured Articles by

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Food Waste Weekend 2017

Calling all faith leaders. We need you to share sermons on food waste and help end hunger. Be part of an interfaith wave and bring hope and empowerment to your congregation – September 8-10, 2017 – Read more…

May 26, 2017 in Featured Articles, sermons by

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Webdef: Blasphemy

Blas·phe·my /ˈblasfəmē/ – the act of purposefully reviling or ridiculing sacred things, often with the purpose of giving offense.  From Late Latin blasphemia (speaking contemptuously or impiously). In one of the most historically misused passages, Mark 3:22-30, Jesus states, “he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal […]

August 2, 2017 in WebDefs by

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Pastor Fish Release 2.0

Curious to sneak a peek at what we’re whipping up next? Yes, as promised, more languages! We’re working up a release 2.0 of our beloved Pastor Fish app in Ukrainian and Russian!

July 31, 2017 in Pastor Fish by

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Pastor Fish Preliminary Survey Results

Hey everyone – thanks for joining us at our Release Party for Pastor Fish and for filling out our survey!  The results are in! If you haven’t yet downloaded the app, why not do so and then take our survey? We’d love to get to 30+ survey results, and have them from all over the world…  […]

July 28, 2017 in Pastor Fish, Results by

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Food Waste Weekend at BUMC 9/8/17 7pm

Local to the SF Bay Area? Join us for Food Waste Weekend!  Join singers Lauren Speeth and Don Kane for a singalong  with the band Commodore Callahan. Then Rev. Speeth will share a message on food waste, ending hunger, and building hope. It’s going to be a memorable night, as Burlingame United Methodist Church takes part […]

July 13, 2017 in Featured Articles by

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We provide digital inspiration and resources to help you help, inspired by Jesus’ life-affirming, open-armed presence. Because all who are called, are called to be healers… and first, do no harm.

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