Gratitude at Christmas

Gratitude… It was three years ago on Christmas eve that we brought the Center website live, and two years ago Christmas eve that our webmaster’s pup got survived a deadly encounter with dark chocolate.

Like humans, dogs love the taste of chocolate…  unlike us, dogs experience chocolate as toxic, even deadly.  Baker’s chocolate is the worst, followed by dark chocolate, which was what she’d eaten.  It was easy to tell something was wrong, from the way she was behaving. The wrappers on the floor told the rest of the story – she’d eaten an amount that could be deadly – and we were off to the after-hours vet for the evening.  A wonderful emergency vet, Dr. Barchas, saved her from herself.  An answered prayer.

The story doesn’t end there.  The following day, she ate one of the Christmas presents: leather coasters.  Swallowed them whole. So, off we went, back to the vet. It’s not a good thing when the emergency vet gets to know your dog well enough to greet her by name.  It’s a good thing, though, to have such caring professionals keep those we love from permanent harm.

It is our sincere hope that this Center will, if not answer prayers, at least answer questions.

We’re grateful to be here and at your service, and we’re keeping the chocolate out of the house this year.

Have a very merry, and very blessed, Christmas.





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