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Project Background: Pastor Fish for Kids

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The Environment

Sunday school attendance in decline in the United States for a number of reasons1, including growing secularization in our society or a personal negative experience with a church. As young parents are grow less connected with traditional church settings, their children are less likely to grow up with a working knowledge of biblical stories and guiding principles, or with a sense of sacred belonging. This project is our response. We’re thinking generationally, creating resources geared towards children that offer positive, gentle, healing messages and foster basic biblical literacy in a fun format.

The Goal

Provide a fun and whimsical presentation immersive learning experience for children and the young at heart, with downloadables that include a robust, multi-lingual app that goes beyond the Gospel songs and stories on the CD to include educationally sound games, for hours of joyful learning.  A solid foundation of Bible basics along with positive messages that enhance emotional intelligence, provide support for sad feelings, and bolster self-worth.   Our “Pastor Fish Radio Hour” programming is a welcome resource for creative Sunday school teachers, Homeschoolers, and other caring adults.

The Past Few Years

We originally developed the concept, wrote stories and songs, and recorded our first CD a few years ago. That CD, “The Pastor Fish Radio Hour,”  takes a children’s radio show format, and arrives complete with fun “commercials” and jingles, weather and even traffic. Kids meet Pastor Fish, Barni Barnacle, and Wigbert the Whale as they listen and learn key concepts, parables and stories from the Bible including: The Creation Story, Noah, Jonah, The Red Sea, David & Goliath, Loaves & Fishes, Various Parables, The Ten Commandments, The Beatitudes, and The Christmas & Easter Stories.  Some of the songs reinforce the stories, while others foster emotional intelligence.  These stories were chosen prayerfully, after gathering input from various pastors, friends, and parents, very informally. Once that CD was released, we gained further feedback. Then, we gathered feedback from listeners and select Sunday school teachers throughout 2014, and added teacher resources.

Current Status

The original CD is still available for purchase, and can be streamed online free of charge.   Sheet music is available here, free of charge.  Other supplemental resources suitable for youth ministers, teachers and parents are also available for free download.  And now, a new app – featuring songs, stories and even games – is under development. The app will also include a Spanish-language option. 

Future Plans

Depending on the feedback we receive from the app launch, we have a number of follow-on ideas, such as the possibility of adding more languages, beyond English and Spanish. Stay tuned for app launch dates and other breaking news ! 

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1Source: “Can Sunday School be Saved?” ABP News, Online at http://www.abpnews.com/ministry/congregations/item/7049-can-sunday-school-be-saved#.UtHP4rHTkuU and accessed January 11, 2014.