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We are in the process of creating Russian teacher pages for every one of our Pastor Fish songs and stories, just to help make Pastor Fish the best resource for you that we can be. Pages will include the fully translated stories, often with songs that echo or reinforce an important message of the day. Not all of the discussions or activities have been translated at this time, but we’re working on it.

 Songs Include

  • Pastor Fish Theme (Матушка Рыбка)
  • The Number 3   (Цифра три)
  • It’s OK to Feel Sad (В грусти нет ничего плохого)
  • Loaves and Fishes (Хлебы и рыбы)
  • When the Lord Says “Go” (Когда Бог говорит “Иди!”)
  • Sing it Out Loud (Споем вместе)


SONG – Pastor Fish Theme

Pastor fish has a pastor knack to help you feel alright.

SONG – The Number Three  

How I love the number 3,
Reminds me of how much God loves me.
Seen three ways, a Trinity:
Father, Son, and Ghost Holy.
Knock knock knock let thoughts fly free….
Don’t stop asking till you see.
One: yes, GOD is one…   two:
Jesus… walked with us,
Three…  Holy Spirit to comfort me!

SONG – It’s Okay to Feel Sad

It’s okay to feel sad,
When things happen that are bad.
I may not understand,
But I can hold God’s hand.
Someday I’ll feel better. ‘Till then,
Remember God is my friend.
[free sheet music here]


SING ALONG – Loaves & Fishes Song

Loaves and fishes, loaves and fishes,
Jesus answered all their wishes.
Five thousand men plus women and kids,
Ate that supper – yes they did.
Five loaves, two fishes that makes seven.
Twelve baskets left over from the meal from heaven.
[free sheet music here ]

SONG – When the Lord Says ‘Go!’

When the Lord says GO, don’t say “no!”
When the Lord says GO, don’t say “no!”
Jonah ran, away from God’s plan.
He got eaten by a whale, oh my!
When robbers beat and left a man,
Good thing a Samaritan was passing by!
When the Lord says GO …

[free sheet music here]

SONG – Sing It Loud

A swan, a squirrel, an owl, a lamb, God loves me for who I am.
Sing it loud and sing it again, a swan, a squirrel, an owl, a lamb.

How God loves the owl and the squirrel. One gathers wisdom from the world.
One saves nuts for a rainy day. Both are beautiful in their own way.

A swan, a squirrel…

[free sheet music here]



  • Sheet Music for “It’s Okay to Feel Sad” [click here]
  • Sheet Music for “Loaves & Fishes” [click here]
  • Sheet Music for “Sing it Loud” [click here]
  • Sheet Music for “The Number Three” [click here]
  • Sheet Music for “When the Lord Says Go” [click here]


-Lesson Pages Available-
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