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Pastora Pez (Espanol)

Children’s Ministry Resources:
~ Pastora Pez en Español ~ 

Free Bilingual (English/Spanish) App

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Una precentacion divertida y fantastica de canciones e historias del Evangelio para niños y jovenes de Corazon. Presentando a la Pastora Pez y una “Escuela Dominical de peces” en un CD y en linea para su placer de escuchar. El formato de este programa de radio para niños se completa con divertidos “comerciales” y jingles, clima e incluso el trafico. Conoce a la Pastora Pez, Basilio el Balano y Beto la Ballena mientras escuchas y aprendes sobre parabolas e historias del Antiguo Testamento y el Nuevo. Nuestro primer ofrecimiento en CD, la Hora de Radio de la Pastora Pez, esta llena de diversion, incluyendo:

1.Pastora Pez Tema  * 2.Bienvenido * 3.La Creación * 4.Manoplas de Pececillos * 5.Burbujas SFX * 6.Peces Calcetines * 7.Noé * 8.Pastora Pez (Tema)  * 9.Jonás  *  10.Cuando Dios Te Llama  * 11.El Mar Rojo * 12.Estamos De Vuelta * 13.Los Diez Mandamientos * 14.Paletas Plancton * 15.Daniel En La Guarida Del León * 16.Cuando Dios Te Llama * 17.David Y Goliat * 18.Todas Las Burbujas * 19.El Numero Tres * 20.El Numero Tres (Canción) * 21.El Nacimiento De Jesús * 22.Deportes * 23.La Pascua * 24.Radio Frecuencia * 25.Lluvia Sobre Lo Bueno Y Lo Malo * 26.Está Bien Sentir Me Triste  * 27.Patito Feo * 28. Cantemos En Voz Alta * 29.El Siervo Implacable * 30.Radio Frecuencia II * 31.El Hijo Pródigo * 32.Está Bien Sentir Me Triste (Tema) * 33.Las Bienaventuranzas * 34.Tráfico * 35.A Lavar Los Pies * 36.Radio Frecuencia III * 37.Una Semilla De Mostaza * 38.Pastora Pez Tema * 39.Pan Y Pescado * 40.Pan Y Pescado (Canción)  * 41.El Buen Samaritano * 42.Clima * 43.Orador Del Señor * 44.Adios Pastora Pez


Supplemental Materials

The following printed resources, currently in English, will soon be in Spanish as well. They are meant to supplement the audio tracks in an educational setting:

  • Coloring Page (PDF) “Fishy Scene” [click here]
  • Sheet Music for “Esta Bien Sentir Me Triste” (It’s Okay to Feel Sad)” [click here]
  • Sheet Music for “Pan e Pescado (Loaves & Fishes)” [click here]
  • Sheet Music for “Cantar en Voz Alta (Sing it Loud)” [click here]
  • Sheet Music for “El Numero Tres (The Number Three)” [click here]
  • Sheet Music for “Cuando Dios Te Llama (When the Lord Says Go)” [click here]
  • Sheet Music for All Songs, in Compressed (zipped) File [click here]
  • Lessons in Compressed (zipped) File [Spanish coming soon – click here for English]

We hope you’ll enjoy this light-hearted offering and pass along word of it to others.  It makes a great gift!  For project background and history,  visit our project detail page.  Enjoy our Pastor Fish offerings with our best fishy wishes!

Spanish CD Credits:

Final Translation from English  Dr. Frances Sweeney, Professor of Spanish Linguistics, Chair of Department of World Languages & Cultures and Chair of the Core Curriculum Committee at Saint Mary’s College of California
Original Songs, Adapted Stories, App Concept, and First Draft Spanish Translation Lauren Speeth
Lead Vocals (songs) Carmen Milagro 
Voice of Pastora Pez Ana Serrano
Male Voice (Announcer, Characters) Alberto Montes De Oca
Voices of Little Fish Nelly A. Baumb, Nelly M. Baumb, Alberto Montes De Oca, Lauren Speeth
Backup Vocals (songs) Devon Filo, Don Kane, Kelly Shaw, Lauren Speeth
Recorded At Elfenworks Productions Studios
Sound Recording Don Kane, Josh Workman
Field Recording Nelly M. Baumb, Lauren Speeth
Mixing Lauren Speeth, John Watkins
Mastering John Watkins
Original Song Music Arrangement, Guitar, and Accompanying Synth Instruments Josh Workman
Clarinet Don Kane
Artwork Michael Dalling
App Development Niilo Tippler and Chris Tokunaga, Tip-Tok

About the Pastor Fish Project
The Pastor Fish Radio Hour is a fun and whimsical presentation of Gospel songs and stories for children and the young at heart, in a children’s radio show format complete with fun “commercials” and jingles, weather and even traffic. And, in the new app (coming soon!), educational games and English/Spanish content, too! Meet Pastor Fish, Barni Barnacle, Wigbert the Whale and the minnows of the Sunday school of fish, as you listen and learn about parables and stories from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. Following along with the songs and stories, kids internalize positive messages, feeling a greater sense of God’s love and care for them. Find out more at www.ministrants.com/pastorfish !

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