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Pastor Fish (Ukrainian) *In the Works*

 Матушка Рыбка

      Матінка Рибка

Curious to sneak a peek at what we’re whipping up next for Pastor Fish? Yes, as promised, more languages! We’re working up a release of our beloved Pastor Fish as translated into Ukrainian!

Матінка Рибка means ‘mother fish’ – a term of endearment that is fitting for someone who’d be loved by kids, and who would read them stories, sing songs with them, and play games. Матінка Рибка is a friend in need, and that’s a friend, indeed!   

Stories Include
  • Creation Story, Christmas and The Easter Story 
  • Unforgiving Servant (Раб, який не пробачив)
  • The Prodigal Son (Блудний син)
  • The Beatitudes (Заповіді Блаженства)
  • Washing Feet (Омовення ніг)
  • Noah (Ной) and Jonah (Іона)
  • Red Sea (Червоне море)
  • Ten Commandments  (Десять заповідей)
  • David and Goliath (Давид і Голіаф)
  • Mustard Seed (Гірчичне зернятко)
  • Good Samaritan (Добрий самарянин)
  • Three CD Extras!  
Songs Include
  • Pastor Fish Theme (Матінка Рибка)
  • The Number 3   (Цифра три)
  • It’s OK to Feel Sad (Сумувати – це не погано)
  • Loaves and Fishes (Хліби і риби)
  • When the Lord Says “Go” (Коли Бог кличе тебе)
  • Sing it Out Loud (Співаймо разом)
  • The Lord’s Prayer!

Pictured below, our translator/interpreter, Tania, who recently was honored with the Order of St. Nestor the Chronicler – an award of the Orthodox Church, in the memory of the first Slavic scholar, now one of Pechersk Saints.  Congratulations, Tania, how wonderful! 

Tania Receives Order of St. Nestor the Chronicler