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The Center is working on an endorsement process for those ministers seeking endorsement to support their specialized ministry of chaplaincy or  pastoral counseling. At this time, we are finalizing the requirements for such endorsement. We welcome your input into this process, and invite you to contact us if interested to obtain such endorsement.  Our endorsement process will be open to persons of any age, race,  ethnicity, gender, gender expression, or sexual identity.

At this time, we are considering the following requirements:

  • Signed NHM Oath
  • Academic background and training.
  • Good standing within one’s faith community.
  • Commitment to continued spiritual growth.
  • Commitment to the Center’s approach and values, and willingness to embrace the Center’s mission.
  • History of new healing style ministry, as submitted in sermons or lectures  (materials submitted will not be returned).
  • Academic education, self-reflection training, and professional experience

For clergy recognition maintenance, we anticipate following the model set out by the Alliance of Baptists, where Recognized Clergy agree to:

  1. Make an annual financial contribution to the Alliance of Baptists of a minimum amount to maintain membership.  
  2. Submit an Annual Report by November 15 of each calendar year.
  3. Notify us of any change of ministry setting and any legal, ethical, or professional actions filed against the person within one month of the change or action. 
  4. Attend a gathering, at least once every three years (these gatherings may be held online).

We welcome your input into the development of this endorsement and maintenance process.