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Thank you for working with us to help this site grow in usefulness and accuracy as a resource. If you find something that needs pointing out, please alert us to any error you find, and please be sure to include the ENTIRE URL (link) where you found the mistake, the actual error or omission, and a suggestion for a positive fix.

Mistakes are a part of learning, and often it is fear of them that causes the biggest mistake: the mistake of stepping back from even trying.

Errata Feedback So Far

Here are a few ways that your feedback has been helpful in making this resource better.

Minor, Misc Various type-os… broken links
(thank you for your assistance pointing these out)
corrected over time
 Lord’s Prayer editions… In an effort to gather as many languages as possible and allow a variety of partners, we have at times worked with e non-native speakers or may have been away from their native language for a number of years. Sometimes, this has introduced errors, which we strive to correct. We pay attention to the helpful comments (ignoring trolls) at YouTube where the videos are posted. With the kind assistance of our dedicated nonharming community, we have updated our versions of Portuguese, Hebrew, and most recently modern Greek.  Main Lord’s Prayer Page