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Mir·a·cle /mirikəl/ – Noun: A spontaneous, wondrous, and unexpected event expressing God’s divine will and transcending human understanding.

When any event, big or small, inspires awe and wonder, and turns our attention to God, that event might be considered a miracle, by some definitions. By other definitions, the only true miracles are events that transcend the very laws of nature.

Miracles in the Bible signal God’s presence. They can signal divine authority, when ascribed to a person by witnesses. However, to those who discount the possibility of miracles entirely, no testimony will prove sufficient. So, the position any of us takes on whether miracles can happen now or could ever have happened in the past often reveals more about ourselves than about God and the nature of reality.

Top Ten Bible Miracles

  1. The beginning: God speaks all creation into existence. Noah’s ark and the worldwide flood. Sarah, wife of Abraham, a barren and ancient woman, gives birth to a healthy baby boy. Cities are destroyed, and tongues confounded. A riotous story filled with miracles.  – Book of Genesis
  2. God frees the Israelites, beginning by sending a burning bush that is not consumed, equipping Moses, sending plagues to Egypt and parting the Red Sea, then sending manna from heaven and sweetening the water.  – Book of Exodus
  3. The various prophets evidence a supernational connection to God. Elijah, for example, is fed by ravens, influences weather, and is carried into heaven. – 2 Kings
  4. Jonah flees from the Lord, is tossed overboard in a storm, is eaten by a whale, and survives. – Book of Jonah
  5. The sun and moon became motionless for Joshua. – Joshua 10:13
  6. Balaam’s talking donkey, showing that an animal can both see an angel and protect his owner from danger.  – Numbers 22
  7. Virgin birth: Mary says “yes” to God’s call on her life, and conceives Jesus of the Holy Spirit. – Gospel of Matthew
  8. Jesus’ many miracles while living, starting with turning water into wine at a wedding, continuing through healings of the blind and the sick and the feeding of thousands, walking on water, exorcisms, raising the dead, healing of the severed ear of one of the party who would arrest him. – Gospels
  9. Jesus’ resurrection after death, the triumph of light over darkness on which the Christian faith is based. – Luke 24
  10. Miracles performed by the Apostles after Jesus, including healings, signs, and wonders, and raising the dead. – Book of Acts

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