Putting on a Voices Home Lord’s Prayer Event

For many years, we’ve endeavored to bring The Lord’s Prayer to the web in as many languages as possible, as well as in song. On this page, we offer a handy how-to, so you can plan your own Voices Home Lord’s Prayer event, to bring communities together, encourage the sharing of rich cultural traditions, and promoting peace.

The Common Thread

The common thread at the core of any Voices Home Lord’s Prayer event is the prayer itself. Common to the experience of so many, transcendent in meaning, and yet surprisingly unfamiliar, when spoken in another language.

There are many ways such an event can be produced:
– various speakers can stand and begin speaking, in turn
– the speakers can all join together, in a symphony of sound
– speakers are joined by a musical accompanist, and then a choir, perhaps even praise dancers.
– a larger event can also include various ethnic foods or fair trade goods for sale, such as might be appropriate for a fundraiser event.
– a smaller taste of what is possible could be accomplished during the usual offertory time of a church service.

Cookbook for a Voices Home Lord’s Prayer Event


  1. The Lord’s Prayer
  2. People with different gifts (e.g., for leadership, a language, music, or cooking). These can be friends, members of your group, or neighbors far or near.
  3. The desire for fellowship.
  4. A place to congregate.
  5. Voices Home video or sheet music

Step One, Prepare:

  1. If your group has a music team, decide whether you will be opening up the music portion to additional, multicultural players, or sticking with
    the accompanist you are used to having.
  2. Select a leader for the event overall, the music aspect, and the spoken word aspect. One person may perform all leadership functions, but
    the person should know the scope of responsibilities before beginning.
  3. Select a date for the event. Be sure the date doesn’t fall on the high holy days of any major religion.
  4. Decide on the scope of the event. Will it include food? Will participants play music with the main accompanist?
  5. If your group has a music team, have your music director take a look at the sheet music. If you are going to use our video montage, contact us for it. Select rehearsal dates if those are not already set and known.
  6. Create an announcement to the congregation, seeking out people to participate in a
    multicultural peace event. Spell out clearly what their participation involves, such as reading the Lord’s Prayer, music, and fellowship.
  7. Distribute the announcement. Perhaps a sign-up sheet can be posted in a central location or circulated during meetings, fellowship,
    electronically, etc.

Step Two, Practice:

  1. Begin to rehearse the music. Gather the group together who will all begin speaking The Lord’s Prayer.
    Rehearse the song in such a way that the speakers can practice staggering their readings of the Lord’s Prayer.
    Cue the speakers in slowly, so the voices begin to add up to a symphony. Then, after the last speaker finishes,
    cue the chorus with the lyrics below, and let the music take over. As the music is ending, have a few of the speakers
    begin to speak again the ending of the prayer, and fade the music out until ending the last ‘Amen.’

Step Three, Enjoy:

Seat your guests. Ask them to silence and put away their electronic devices, so they may enjoy it fully and not distract others from
the experience. Introduce the program, your reason for holding it, and what your hopes are for the day or evening. Then, proceed with
the performance. As the applause dies down and after you have thanked the musicians, the singers, the speakers, and the audience, invite
the guests to a shared multicultural meal.

Benefits to putting on a Voices Home event:

  1. Bridge-building: unites the community through a shared-faith experience.
  2. Opens up discussions about how each culture views life in their own unique ways.
  3. Reconnects parishioners who may feel out of touch with others but who speak a rare dialect or know a different variation on the Lord’s Prayer that they would like to share.

The Fine Print

Not-for-profit organizations and faith-based groups have our permission to put on Voices Home events royalty-free. We ask that you please contact us and let us know in advance of the event, so we can spread the word, and follow up with feedback so we can improve this resource for others.

Learn more about our “Voices Home” Lord’s Prayer project by clicking here.

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