Fr. John Dear Visits Bay Area – February 25, 2015

WHAT: Living the Nonviolent Life WHERE: Saint Mary’s College Chapel WHEN: February 25, 2015 – 7:00 p.m. This event is sponsored by the Saint Mary’s College Mission and Ministry Center with funds from The Elfenworks Foundation peace initiative Don’t miss Fr. John Dear as he reveals insights on living a nonviolent life that he has learned from his lifetime of […]

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Video Calls for Curing Violence

According to Cure Violence, a nonprofit ranked #9 on Global Journal’s Top 100 NGOs in 2013, violence is an epidemic, and the leading cause of death for persons under 34 years old. Christians profess to be followers of Jesus, who met his end in a most violent and terrible way at about age 33 ,and […]

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WebGem: Give Peace a Dance

Here’s our Web Gem for the new month,, the brainchild of two young men, one Jewish and one Muslim. They invite everyone to create and post a video answering “what would you do for peace?” with the hashtag #givepeaceadance. Our thanks to Margaret Swink, Director of Communications at Ploughshares, a foundation that “funds, organizes and innovates […]

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Finding Roots of Peace in a Violent Society

Language and images matter, because what we feed ourselves through our media shapes our thinking and our society.  The way marketers advertise to us also speaks volumes about who we are.  So, what does it say about our society when a Texas business owner decides it’s a good idea to feature an image of a woman, bound […]

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September 2013 Marked by Peacemaking Efforts

September of 2013 may or may not see a strike on Syria, but it certainly has seen the world’s populations cry out for peace in unprecedented numbers. Saturday, September 7th was an International Day of Prayer and Fasting for World Peace.  On Monday, September 9th, the peace vigils continued throughout the United States, from coast to coast.    The photograph below […]

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WebDef: Peace, Shalom, & Nonviolence

Peace /piːs/ – Noun: Quiet goodness and tranquility; calm, harmonious balance, free from danger and from iniquity. Non·vi·o·lence / nänˈvīələns/ – Noun: The favoring of peaceful means of advancing one’s objectives. Peace·mak·er /pēsˌmākər/- Noun: A person who works towards reconciliation, restoration, and harmony. Sec·ur·i·ty  /siˈkyo͝oritē/ – Noun: State of being free from danger. Sha·lom /Shäˈlōm/ שלומ – Noun: A […]

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Peacemaker in the Neighborhood

We are reposting this story – from earlier this year – in honor of the International Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace, and in the knowledge that peacemaking comes in many forms. #prayforpeace Have you ever witnessed peacemaking in action? It doesn’t have to rise to the level of a peace summit at Camp […]

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Jesus on Nonviolence

This post is not meant as a standalone, but as part of a series on Jesus’ Teaching in Buddhist Terminology. Jesus was filled with wisdom on how to walk this earth without doing harm. He lived and taught creative nonviolence and nonjudging. His message was not simply to love our friends, but our enemies. We are to love […]

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Putting on a Voices Home Lord’s Prayer Event

For many years, we’ve endeavored to bring The Lord’s Prayer to the web in as many languages as possible, as well as in song. On this page, we offer a handy how-to, so you can plan your own Voices Home Lord’s Prayer event, to bring communities together, encourage the sharing of rich cultural traditions, and promoting […]

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Peacemaking 101: Mediation in a Nutshell

Want to resolve a problem through mediation? The genuine desire for a peaceful resolution is the first step to success. But desire, combined with skill and knowledge, is more likely to result in the success. With that in mind, consider these helpful hints: PRIOR TO THE MEDIATION Remember the power of prayer. Pray for guidance […]

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A Few Favorite Books on Peace

Living Peace, by John Dear SJ A resource for would-be peacemakers from the former director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. In it, John Dear presents a roadmap for practice, a guide to developing the inner peace and building the spiritual resources needed to sustain the work of peacemaking and bridge building: “…whatever eyes I look […]

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Vigils for Nonviolence

During the Advent season, when so many await the coming of the light which triumphs over darkness, our hearts also lift up prayers for all the families who suffer – directly and indirectly – from the effects of violence. In response to an incident at a school December 14th, 2012, many Americans joined together in  candle-light vigils all across the country.  Candles […]

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Sensitivity at Easter… the Passion Play

Are you a music director or minister, considering a passion play but perhaps concerned the contents may be anti-Semitic and may cause ill feelings among Jewish friends? Of course, we would not want to inflict harm unintentionally. We would want to tell our most holy story with care. The recommendations below will be of use […]

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Expanding the Meaning of ‘take back the night’

Safer on the Streets The ‘take back the night’ rallying cry began because the streets didn’t feel safe to walk in, at night. People wanted to be able to be out, in their cities, without fearing for their very lives. It has expanded in some beautiful ways, as people take the term to mean freedom […]

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