Celebrating Nine Years!

A hundred thousand welcomes…  Thank you for visiting our website. Our official launch was December 24, 2009, Christmas Eve. Since then, many have found and enjoyed our message of healing, hope and harmony. We invite you to explore the site, and get to know us better!  You will find that we at NHM Ministrants are […]

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Happy Easter Season

We hope you have wonderful, restorative Easter season!   Below, dancer Rena Jones-Guidry of the Providence Baptist Church provides an original interpretation of a song that speaks to the promise of a resurrection, within our own life experience. Find out more about Praise Dance, including how to choreograph the song “Resurrection” right here on our site. […]

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Food Waste Weekend at BUMC 9/8/17 7pm

Local to the SF Bay Area? Join us for Food Waste Weekend!  Join singers Lauren Speeth and Don Kane for a singalong  with the band Commodore Callahan. Then Rev. Speeth will share a message on food waste, ending hunger, and building hope. It’s going to be a memorable night, as Burlingame United Methodist Church takes part […]

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Pastor Fish App Has Launched !

Finally, it’s here: the launch of the new app, Pastor Fish!  It’s a fun and whimsical presentation of Gospel songs and stories for children and the young at heart, in a children’s radio show format! Find out more…

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Food Waste Weekend

Calling all faith leaders. Share sermons on food waste and help end hunger. Be part of an interfaith wave and bring hope and empowerment September 8-10, 2017 – Read more…

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Holy Pilgrimages in Kiev

On a recent trip to Kiev, in the Ukraine, we were blessed to visit some of the world’s most beautiful churches and to be granted an audience with His Holiness Patriarch Filaret (more on that inspiring visit later in this report). Kiev is unparalleled in Springtime. Although some of the churches were torn down during the […]

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WISE Project Update

We are happy to announce that The Widows in India Status and Empowerment Project is expanding, with a new home under a new roof!  Our partner YWAM Trichy has completed a new NHM Ministrants Center in Tiruchirappalli (in Tamil Nadu, Southern India). Rather than use a large commercial construction company, they were thrifty, hiring over […]

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Uniting and Healing the United States

The American people have spoken: they have elected a Trump Presidency. But we stand, deeply divided; one poll shows that nearly half of people on both major parties fear the other side, and Clinton appears to have won the popular vote by a small margin. This makes it difficult to move forward, together. We want […]

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Sermon Subject: Food Waste Weekend Sep 23-25

Calling members of the faith community – why not preach on food waste during this year’s inaugural Food Waste Weekend, September 23-25 2016. Find out more…

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Bible Emoji

This just in: Bible Emoji… a fun translator where, when you enter whatever prayerful text you wish,  you get out an emoji for you to use in your communications:  @bibleemoji 🙌 b 2 😇  If you enter The Lord’s Prayer you get: Our father who art in ✨✨✨ hallowed b thy name. Thy kingdom come thy will b […]

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Survey for Minister Use

Ministers, are you interested to survey your congregation on their web needs? This survey we have designed can form the basis of your own survey. Customize your own survey at It’s free and easy. Here’s ours:  Survey of Congregation If you base a survey on our design, we’d appreciate hearing back. We enjoy knowing […]

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PastorFish Survey

We’ve just developed a survey for our Pastor Fish children’s ministry offerings. We want to hear from you. What language would you like this resource offered in, next? This question and more, await you. It’s a very simple survey with only 9 questions. Should take only a few moments to complete and we will be […]

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The Church Down the Road

You never know what you’ll find, if you wander in to a local house of worship. It may resonate, it may not. Sleuthing for a church home surely takes a bit of fearlessness. But the rewards – enrichment in your spiritual life, and a greater sense of connection and community – are well worth the effort. […]

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Webdef – Yarnbombing

Yarnbombing / yärn’bäm’iŋ/ – Noun:  A form of street art where objects in the public eye are cloaked, at least in part, with yarn of any form. Yarnbombing, also known as yarn storming, or graffitti knitting, is a relatively new, viral street art that’s found in cities large and small, all across the world.  It is […]

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Warm Hearts

Spotted in Boston… mittens, scarves and hats…. free for the taking.  The sign, strategically placed, and decorated with a colorful snowflake and hand-drawn mitten, says simply, “are you stuck out in the cold? please take what you need to stay warm.”  Another sign, on a nearby tree, points out, “I am not lost!”  These hats are not […]

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Big News – Announcing NHM Ministrants

We announced today our official name change! Previously called The Center for Nonharming Ministries will henceforth be called NHM Ministrants. As the name suggests, NHM Ministrants continues to uphold and expound on the concept of nonharming – active harm prevention – in ministry and in daily life. Read more!

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Sites of Significance to Christians in Jordan

A traditional site of Jesus’ baptism, Mt. Nebo, and mosaics in an ancient church in Madaba…

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A Squirrel Tale

Consider the lowly squirrel. Squirrels are everywhere. They have wonderful, bushy tails. That’s one reason we love them. When people are asked, “Why do we love squirrels, and not rats?” the bushy tail is what comes to mind. There is a squirrel about town …read more!

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Remembering Father Bill – Unforgettable Priest

Father Bill was a towering presence. A dedicated priest who served for over 50 years before retiring, he was especially concerned for the poor, infirm, elderly, and home-bound. He was often involved in efforts for the food pantry at the Catholic church in San Mateo where he served.  He had a special heart for children, […]

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September, 2014 Makes Climate Action History

September 21, 2014 made history, as 310,000 people took to the streets of New York in the largest climate march ever.  Added to these numbers were hundreds of thousands of others, at over 2,600 events worldwide.  Locally, supporters were cheered by onlookers in downtown San Mateo, right on El Camino Real. It struck us that El Camino Real […]

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Thriving Where Planted

Look closely at this parking meter. What’s that, popping up through the available crack in the concrete sidewalk? Totally unexpectedly, and ready to bear good fruit… a dandelion? Not quite… A tomato plant! If a tomato can find a way to bear fruit through a crack in a hard, concrete sidewalk, then maybe so can […]

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Our Back Story

We offer a new video that shares the back story of how our Center  got its start. In it, we show a number of protest posters such as this one, “Accept Diversity,” spotted in Seattle, WA on a warm summer day in 2009. The sign was held by a very youthful and peaceful counter-protester, outside a little […]

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Audio Corner: Designing Spaces for Sound

Does your building echo? Do you struggle to get the message to the people in the back?  There are some easy steps to take, especially if you have funds for a retrofit. 1. Floors: carpet can dampen sound, but it can also be expensive to clean and maintain. 2. Furniture: Carpet and fabric cover chairs […]

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Audio Corner: Music Direction Tips

The vocation of music director is its own special ministry and calling. If you’re stepping in, or if you’re new at it, the experience can really be daunting. Here are a few quick tips on music direction, to help you on your way: Know Your Musicians & Choir A good music director spends time getting […]

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Smoking Machine

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Thoughts on the Hornet’s Nest

To “stir up a hornet’s nest” means to cause a commotion.  When you mess with hornets, you can get stung.  It’s a phrase that dates back to the early 1700s, and it’s not known who first coined the term.  Yes, it’s good to take care when stirring up trouble. But it’s also good to remember that […]

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Door Sized Garden 101

Three Great Reasons to Garden   1.  Local food is tasty, healthy and beautiful.   2.  Abundance can be shared with those less fortunate.   3.  Gardening grounds us. We feel connected with God’s good earth.   Seven Secrets for Small Space Gardens Look at your space, and decide what containers you’ll use. You can garden vertically, have a raised […]

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eMinistry in Action: RevUP Radio

There are all sorts of ways to manifest an eMinistry. It can be a social media presence, an online Bible study, or even a web based radio show.  Our Center Director had the privilege to speak with Rev. Dr. Alethea Smith-Withers, host of Rev UP with Rev. Alethea recently,  on topics ranging from eMinistry to creative ways […]

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It’s Cherry Blossom Time

Take a moment to meditate on the cherry blossom… a harbinger of Spring. In Japan, there is a centuries-old practice of gathering to enjoy a picnic under a the blossoms, known as Hanami. No matter where we may find ourselves, it is always in our power to close our eyes, take a few breaths, and […]

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Summer Reading… Jimmy Carter on Women and Religion

Former President James Earl “Jimmy” Carter has released what will become, we hope, required reading. It’s an instant classic, from one of our favorite living heroes – and advocates for women and girls (and men and boys) around the world. You might want to add it to your summer reading list, or suggest it to […]

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eMinistry – You Get What You Pay For

How do you maintain your web presence? Chances are, it’s with a volunteer. Webdesigners are usually barraged with requests for help by friends who have boutique small business. They are frequently also asked by their houses of worship to volunteer their services as well. But, there’s a case to be made for investing some of […]

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Insight from Biblical Languages

There is a saying in theological circles: there are layers of meanings to be discovered in scripture.  For some of these meanings, knowledge of the original languages in which the various books of the Bible were written – Hebrew and Greek – can be greatly helpful.  These days, it’s easier than ever to gain a […]

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Top Ten Books for the Christian Bookshelf

Love to read? so do we! Of course, we had to ring in with our top ten… Here’s our list. We bet some of ours are on your top ten, too! 1. The Bible No Christian bookshelf would be complete without at least one Bible. We have a shelf full of various editions. Here are […]

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Remembering St. Francis

October fourth is the “Feast Day of St. Francis.” The spirit of St. Francis – Francesco di Pietro Bernardone – is paraphrased often in the bumper sticker “preach always, when necessary using words.” Recognized, during his lifetime, as a living legend and founder of an order, St. Francis was a radical religious pioneer in many […]

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Now in Partnership with NALT

NHM Ministrants is proud of an ongoing partnership with The NALT Christians Project since 2013, when we were still known as The Center for Nonharming Ministries. NALT stands for “not all like that.”  Our own NHM Ministrants effort arose from a protest and counter-protest over just the issues that the good people at NALT are trying to address, so the […]

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Prayers for Japan

With radioactive water leaking from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear station,  a never-before-attempted $470+ million plan to build an underwater ice wall is underway.  Successful intervention is critical; unless things change, plumes of radioactivity will likely reach US waters as early as 2014. Prayers for the people of Japan, the workers and scientists on this project, and our world’s oceans, are urgently needed. We originally posted this page when the […]

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Peacemaker in the Neighborhood

We are reposting this story – from earlier this year – in honor of the International Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace, and in the knowledge that peacemaking comes in many forms. #prayforpeace Have you ever witnessed peacemaking in action? It doesn’t have to rise to the level of a peace summit at Camp […]

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Vigils for Nonviolence

During the Advent season, when so many await the coming of the light which triumphs over darkness, our hearts also lift up prayers for all the families who suffer – directly and indirectly – from the effects of violence. In response to an incident at a school December 14th, 2012, many Americans joined together in  candle-light vigils all across the country.  Candles […]

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Spilt Milk

You’ve likely heard the saying, “don’t cry over spilt milk.”   I grew up with it. And when I recently dropped – and shattered – a large bottle of organic milk just after bringing it home from the store, I began pondering the saying’s deeper meaning, and how it might relate to ministry. Scripture is clear: God is “near […]

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The Strength in Weakness

It’s said that the devil’s favorite sin is pride, and so perhaps our first and greatest misconception is that we, as humans, can ever fully understand God’s perspective on ourselves, our situations, or others. Perhaps our ability to do great good grows in proportion to our willingness to recognize our own fallibility. Could this be […]

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American Sign Language Resources

American Sign Language, used primarily by Deaf communities in the U.S. and Canada, uses body language, body orientation, the hands, and facial expressions for communication. There are churches entirely for the Deaf community, but churches also sometimes employ sign language interpreters for the Deaf community, or subtitles and hearing assistance to the hard-of-hearing community, to widen their reach and be more […]

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End Times and 2012

What do roller coasters and setting exact end time dates have in common? Both allow us to experience a thrill while at the same time realizing we may not be in immanent peril for our lives. Until the “ride” is over, it captures our full attention. So, we don’t have to pay attention to what […]

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Success! Friends Journal earns over $5,000 with matching grant!

To celebrate—and help sustain—Friends Journal’s new website,, the Center for Non-Harming Ministries has generously offered a matching grant of $5,000.

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Breaking the eChains that Bind

Have you ever received a beautiful sentiment from a friend, only to find a “pass this along to twenty people and you will be blessed” sentiment, on the bottom? Some are afraid to break the chain, for fear of some sort of dire consequences. Some emails even warn of such consequences. One such chain letter, […]

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Part of a Legend

Consider the last time you were completely surprised, opening a Bible. Have you heard the legend of the Gideon Bible? In this article we explore the legend and our possible place in that legend. The bottom line: it always pays to check your hotel Bible, if there’s one available.

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About Praise Dance

Praise God with lyre and harp, praise God with drums and dancing… (Psalm 150) Praise/worship/biblical/Davidic dancing is not only a means of worship, it can enhance the worship experience of others, as they contemplate space, time, rhythm, interconnection, and the fleetingness of the moment. Does the concept seem new? It isn’t. Thousands of years ago, […]

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Daddy, I Can’t Stand Up

Daddy I Can’t Stand Up Once upon a time… A little girl wearing a floatation ring is coaxed into the ocean, past the breaking wavelets to the calmer waters. Her daddy is standing up right next to her, but she panics when she realizes her little feet don’t reach the sand on the ocean floor. […]

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Peace Quest – UQ Media

UQ-Media Content Now at Main Site For a number of years, we maintained a separate website on interfaith understanding – “So All May Live in Harmony!”, before absorbing the content into our main website. That site was dedicated the proposition that truth and reconciliation are preferable to violence as the as the principle […]

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Godspell and the Twin Towers (prepare ye the way of the Lord)

The anniversary of September 11 raises painful memories… but there is another memory of the Twin Towers, which is also relevant, if you can hearken back to it. . . It was in the movie Godspell, where Jesus and his followers are walking across the nearly completed Twin Towers, and Jesus is preaching a message of […]

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What’s This About Christmas? ! ?

Did you know that Christmas wasn’t always celebrated in winter? Before the monk Dionysius set Christmas at December 25th in 533 AD, some Christians had celebrated Christmas in springtime. That older tradition is supported by the biblical account of shepherds being out watching their sheep by night, as happened in springtime, not in the bitter winter months. Does this fact make Christmas any less valid? We don’t think so…

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Life as Celebration

Celebrating life… It takes courage and conviction to celebrate life with a smile and choose to spread happiness. What a great choice!

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Visionary Voices

The Rev. Dr. James Keck was the first recipient of a ‘Visionary Voices’ award. Keck hailed the ‘beauty of progressive Christianity’ which he sees as typified by four key cornerstone points: love trumps doctrine; openness to modern knowledge; the equality of souls; and embrace of the concept of freedom of the individual conscience…

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Beauty from Ashes

We found a community labyrinth (this one was in Calistoga) and noticed how beautiful the placement of rocks made this empty lot. A labyrinth is a path that leads in a complex and often beautiful pattern towards the center, and then back out again. Walking a labyrinth is a threefold process. First you leave your worldly […]

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Hawaiian Children Need Education…

Maui, Hawaii has had to furlough its schools on Fridays due to budget issues… so the elves at Elfenworks have posted an UKULELE version of ‘Such a Crime’ for anyone who would like to put on a poverty awareness event. For more, visit The Elfenworks Foundation – Before we became NHM Ministrants, we were […]

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Re-examining the status quo

The great 20th century thinker Joseph Campbell had a profound insight when he noticed that everyone – every human being – has a belief system. This is like a set of glasses, and it impacts the way in which we see the world.  We get into trouble when we assume that we are seeing things […]

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Official launch: Christmas Eve

CENTER FOR NON HARMING MINISTRIES Our official launch is 12/24/2009… If you are interested in partnering with us, being listed, or spreading the word, please contact us via our contact page… official launch of this site is 12/24/2009.

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All who are called, are called to be healers

All who are called, are called to be healers…   and so it is of interest to look back to the traditions of the physician healers for what we may learn.  The Hippocratic Oath of the physician healers is said to have been written by Hippocrates, who is said to be a descendent of Podalirius, one of […]

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Chastity, Poverty and Obedience

Three well known vows of commitment in the church, also known as the three evangelical counsels or three counsels of perfection, are: chastity, poverty, and obedience.   This arose from Jesus’ advice to the rich person who was already following the commandments, which was enough to get into heaven. Jesus said: if you wish to be “perfect” (τελειος) sell […]

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Imprisonment and Alternatives

Food for thought: in what way does preaching a punitive theology contribute to our staggering imprisonment trends, and ever more punitive collateral consequences (employment, housing, higher education) after the sentences are served? The following are from August 14, 2009 One in 34 Americans is under some form of “correctional supervision” (probation, parole, in jail, prison, etc)  […]

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