WebGem: Impossible Driving Test

Our WebGems selection for Fall, 2016 is the brilliant “Impossible Driving Test” video that asks, at the end, that everyone “please share” the video widely. We’re so very happy to oblige, becuase we believe doing so can help save lives. Our thanks to the producers of this video, Responsible Young Drivers, for producing it and […]

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Top Ten Fears – And Killing them Dead in 3 Easy Steps

Fear /fir/ Noun:  The unpleasant experience of threat, danger or concern there may be immanent harm.   Boo! Scared you? We surely hope not.  Yet everyone is afraid, now and again. It’s part of being human.  And some of us are more afraid of different things than others.  We polled the office very unscientifically and came up with […]

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Thriving Where Planted

Look closely at this parking meter. What’s that, popping up through the available crack in the concrete sidewalk? Totally unexpectedly, and ready to bear good fruit… a dandelion? Not quite… A tomato plant! If a tomato can find a way to bear fruit through a crack in a hard, concrete sidewalk, then maybe so can […]

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WebGem: Act F.A.S.T.

Our WebGems selection for July, 2014 is a brilliant “Act FAST,”  a “Maude’s Meddlings” presentation from Emeritus Senior Living.  Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the USA but more than a third of Americans wouldn’t recognize symptoms.  You could help save a life by paying attention to this little two minute video: Posted with […]

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WebGem: Happiness Rap

Our WebGems selection for Summer, 2014 is a brilliant “Happiness Rap” that we have been allowed to share with you courtesy of  Happy Newcomer. It presents 12 easy steps to boost your happiness, from the book –The How of Happiness– by Sonja Lyubomirsky, in a catchy rap written and performed by Abdominal, a Toronto rapper. Our thanks to Maya Evia, […]

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Why Meditate?

In the brief video presentation below, Brother Camillus Chavez, FSC PhD, explains why, when we meditate, we grow better and better. Why Meditate? This is the first video offering from Brother Camillus Chavez, FSC PhD – an octogenarian Christian Brother who teaches meditation at Saint Mary’s College of California. He has dedicated his life’s work […]

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The Cold & Flu Season – Creative Greetings & Other Tips

Welcome to the cold and flu season.  By all accounts, this one has teeth.  Although the peak of the flu season has not yet arrived, there are so many cases of H1N1 flu that hospitals are straining to keep up, and some have resorted to overflow ‘flu tent’ structures to house these patients1.  According to […]

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Asian Teens at Greater Risk for Suicide

Deep stigma surrounds depression and other mental illnesses in many Asian American communities, which makes it harder for students to receive help if they become depressed or suicidal. But many mental health professionals are making strong efforts to address this stigma so that students can receive effective treatment. In a three-part series, Bay Area journalist […]

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Text from Meditations

~ THIS IS A TEXT-DETAIL SUBPAGE AND NOT MEANT AS A STANDALONE ~ * VISIT THE MAIN PAGE <HERE> * The Texts of Our Short MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Meditative Offerings all begin in the same fashion, with a few deep breaths: Welcome. Please join me for a short mindfulness meditation – we’ll start with five deep […]

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How to Meditate: Mindfulness in a Nutshell

Note: we also offer text versions of mindfulness meditations, and are developing audio tracks for both the instruction and the meditations.  For downloadable, listen-along MP3s, we suggest you visit How to Meditate: Here’s a little instruction on how to meditate. Because we are all different, there is no single, correct way to meditate that works perfectly for everyone, but […]

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What Not to Say to the Suffering

Chaplains, ministers, and other healing professionals work so hard to uplift – body, mind, spirit.  With often deep and sincere motivation, we want to help people through their suffering. Sometimes, though, the wrong word can make things worse. Why is there Suffering? What were the first questions you asked, during religious studies?  We bet “why is there […]

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Taking Stock of Needs and Feelings

Sometimes, when we are working to take stock of our feelings or needs, it is useful to have an inventory or list, to help prompt our thoughts.  The following two inventories are used with permission of the Center for Nonviolent Communication   (see end of this page for contact information). Needs Inventory The following list […]

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Step Back from Schadenfreude

“Oh how the mighty have fallen” is the essence of Schadenfreude — the delight we can all take in seeing someone taken down a notch. The problem with Schadenfreude, though, is where it originates… it’s not from anything good and lovely, but from a darker side of our selves. If we look at the Hebrew […]

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Life as Celebration

Celebrating life… It takes courage and conviction to celebrate life with a smile and choose to spread happiness. What a great choice!

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MBSR and Meditative Prayer As Suicide Prevention

One interesting and non-harming response might be for ministers to teach prayerful, mindfulness based stress reduction techniques. Noticing some of the unorganized suicide based on financial ruin after the economic crises, and understanding that stress crises can sometimes precipitate these suicide attempts, interested ministers might consider offering MBSR in their parishes and churches or linking forces […]

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Bible Study Resource: AIDS

Time to Talk in Church about HIV and AIDS   –  Bakken Books, Acme WA [more] Now is the Time to Talk! This discussion is for those grieving the loss of loved ones, those watching as this pandemic unfolds, and those whose lives have not yet been touched by HIV and AIDS. This book was “designed to […]

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