WISE Project Update

We are happy to announce that The Widows in India Status and Empowerment Project is expanding, with a new home under a new roof!  Our partner YWAM Trichy has completed a new NHM Ministrants Center in Tiruchirappalli (in Tamil Nadu, Southern India). Rather than use a large commercial construction company, they were thrifty, hiring over […]

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A Physical Therapy Solution to the USA’s Woes

When your body is hurting, you go to a healer.  Well, why not the country? There’s a reason people call their homeland country “our mother country” (or fatherland).  We are a body, together.  Well, looking around at the USA, it’s clear she’s hurting.  We’ve been pondering how to help. Then came the lightbulb moment!  Why not look to feedback […]

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The Poor Get Prison

The Institute for Policy Studies released their report on March 19, 2015:  “The Poor Get Prison: The Alarming Spread of the Criminalization of Poverty” with a Foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich.   They have asked us to share it widely, and once you read it, we know you will find it compelling as well. The full report […]

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Our Two Cents Unbidden

NHM Ministrants rings in today with our support and encouragement for three groups.  For the record, we are an independent Christian Center (and welcoming to all visitors of any faith) and our Center Director is an ordained Baptist minister. Today’s words of support are in regards to a current controversy about the invitation of an inspiring preacher and thought leader to a […]

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Our Back Story

We offer a new video that shares the back story of how our Center  got its start. In it, we show a number of protest posters such as this one, “Accept Diversity,” spotted in Seattle, WA on a warm summer day in 2009. The sign was held by a very youthful and peaceful counter-protester, outside a little […]

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Summer Reading… Jimmy Carter on Women and Religion

Former President James Earl “Jimmy” Carter has released what will become, we hope, required reading. It’s an instant classic, from one of our favorite living heroes – and advocates for women and girls (and men and boys) around the world. You might want to add it to your summer reading list, or suggest it to […]

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WebDef: City

City /sitē/ – Noun: An area of dense human population that has mass and permanence and that meets basic human needs, such as for work, housing, education and recreation. Cities are as diverse as flowers.  Some cities, such as Los Angeles, sprawl so widely that most residents depend on cars. Others are so compact that […]

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Rough Justice – Another Compassion Song

The following music video, Rough Justice, tackles violence, incarceration, and youth. There are so many ways to improve on today’s situation: investing in and nurturing America’s kids, intervention, diversion, and better access to mental health care for kids who do end up in prison. It’s rough justice… and we can do better! Lyrics REF) Rough justice, […]

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Vigils for Nonviolence

During the Advent season, when so many await the coming of the light which triumphs over darkness, our hearts also lift up prayers for all the families who suffer – directly and indirectly – from the effects of violence. In response to an incident at a school December 14th, 2012, many Americans joined together in  candle-light vigils all across the country.  Candles […]

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Shrine at Occupy Wall Street

Everyone’s talking about the Occupy movement, even in theological circles. Some of us are asking ourselves whether this has theological undertones, and what they might be. Some are asking where Jesus might stand on the various Occupy issues today. Others are comparing and contrasting the Occupy movement with the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1950s and 1960s. The civil rights […]

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Uplifting Action… in America

It’s encouraging to see a renewed interest in the plight of the last and least – in Biblical shorthand, the “widow and orphan,” and a willingness to discuss the priorities we choose together, as a nation.  It is tempting to consider that individually our voice might not make much difference, but if we each lift […]

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Expanding the Meaning of ‘take back the night’

Safer on the Streets The ‘take back the night’ rallying cry began because the streets didn’t feel safe to walk in, at night. People wanted to be able to be out, in their cities, without fearing for their very lives. It has expanded in some beautiful ways, as people take the term to mean freedom […]

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A salute to Patriot Guard Riders

Here’s a group we just learned about today: the Patriot Guard Riders,  If invited by grieving families, these motorcycle riders will accompany a funeral procession of service men and  women, to ensure they are not disrupted by demonstrators. It’s a sad and sorry commentary on the existence of such a nonsequiter,  ‘haters for Jesus,’ […]

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Making the Most of Compassionate Outreach Ministry

The students at Stanford University have created a $20 prosthetic leg. The JaipurKnee project now produces at a previously unheard of low price.  Photos of this knee in action can be seen online, and it is obvious that lives are forever transformed with each prosthetic. When considering what fundraising project to undertake in your ministry, the test […]

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Radical Ahimsa – taking a stand for all

It’s all very well-and-good to be well-meaning, but what happens when the intentional non-harming ministers fails to fully take the culture into consideration when entering foreign lands to preach the gospel? Without intending, we sometimes can be unwittingly sowing the seeds of harm that will wreak havoc after our departure. The sad turn of events in Uganda in October 2009  is […]

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Biblical Interpretation and Spousal Abuse

It should be self-evident that physical, mental or emotional abuse in any marriage would be unacceptable to God.  The psalmist makes it clear: The Lord has heard the cries of the humble,  “To judge the fatherless and the oppressed, that the man of the earth may no more oppress. (Psalm 10:18) St. Paul (Galatians 5:19-23) wrote of many […]

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A Prison Solace Poem: thoughts are free…

Thoughts are free, who can guess them? They flee by like shadows in the night. No one can know them, no hunter can shoot them,… And if they lock me in a dark dungeon, that would just be futile, because my thoughts tear apart barriers and throw down walls: Thoughts are free!

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Bible Study Resource: AIDS

Time to Talk in Church about HIV and AIDS   –  Bakken Books, Acme WA [more] Now is the Time to Talk! This discussion is for those grieving the loss of loved ones, those watching as this pandemic unfolds, and those whose lives have not yet been touched by HIV and AIDS. This book was “designed to […]

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Jesus Asks Us: Do You See this Woman?

And one of the Pharisees desired him that he would eat with him. And he went into the Pharisee’s house, and sat down to meat.  And, behold, a woman in the city, which was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharisee’s house, brought an alabaster box of ointment, And stood at […]

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Compassion at the Grass Roots: “Such a Crime”

“Second Saturday Soul Soup Singalongs” – the song ‘Such a Crime’ offered in the tradition of call and response, in hopes for a grass roots movement fostering compassion towards the last and least. Song and easy guitar chords.

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Imprisonment and Alternatives

Food for thought: in what way does preaching a punitive theology contribute to our staggering imprisonment trends, and ever more punitive collateral consequences (employment, housing, higher education) after the sentences are served? The following are from August 14, 2009 One in 34 Americans is under some form of “correctional supervision” (probation, parole, in jail, prison, etc)  […]

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Second Saturdays Campaign – Song Ideas

Peter Drucker, the renowned business luminary of the 1980s, has been known to say that the best hope for our country’s problems is if the leadership of the religious groups could possibly come together and find common ground. Surely recent trends in hunger, pointing to the possibility that half of our country’s children can expect to receive food assistance some time during their childhoods, could be one area in which we can agree to come together. Our thought: why not sing for other’s suppers? We will be singing every second Saturday, and Godwilling, some of you will, as well. Here, for your kind consideration, a few songs.

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