Seas the Day – June 9th

June 9th is World Oceans Day, a day you can, as they suggest, “Seas the Day,” for the good of the planet.  The folks at The Ocean Project have all sorts of fun ideas for how you can be involved, including: Festivals and Fairs Lectures and Readings Tours and Cleanups Art Exhibits Murals Photo Contest

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A Challenge from Loc Nguyen of BUMC

Soup kitchen /so͞op kiCHən/– Noun: A place where food is served to those in need.  Any place with a heart for the hungry can be a soup kitchen, on occasion. See the story, below! Loc Nguyen, a lifelong educator and member of the Burlingame United Methodist Church offered a challenged to all who have ears: let’s […]

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September, 2014 Makes Climate Action History

September 21, 2014 made history, as 310,000 people took to the streets of New York in the largest climate march ever.  Added to these numbers were hundreds of thousands of others, at over 2,600 events worldwide.  Locally, supporters were cheered by onlookers in downtown San Mateo, right on El Camino Real. It struck us that El Camino Real […]

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Celebrate Earth Day!

The heavens are Thine, the earth also is Thine: as for the world and the fullness thereof, Thou hast founded them. The north and the south Thou hast created them. [Psalm 89:11-12a] Happy Earth Day! You are One Click Away from… 1. Top Ten Easy Creation Care Steps – Take Action Page 2. Top Ten Book Picks on Creation Care […]

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Door Sized Garden 101

Three Great Reasons to Garden   1.  Local food is tasty, healthy and beautiful.   2.  Abundance can be shared with those less fortunate.   3.  Gardening grounds us. We feel connected with God’s good earth.   Seven Secrets for Small Space Gardens Look at your space, and decide what containers you’ll use. You can garden vertically, have a raised […]

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Green Leadership in Arizona

Arizona, known for deserts and striking landscapes, is also gaining a reputation as a leader in all things green. Consider the Sedona International Film Festival, with its Sedona Green, an entire portion of the festival dedicated to environmental subject matter.  The town itself nestles into a hillside,  and keeps a low profile, with colors that also match. Recycling and […]

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Walking Softly

Non harming ministries embrace our role in shepherding all God’s good earth.  We are called to do no harm, and this means to recognize and mitigate our impact on the environment and to address climate change.  To be effective, we must join together, as our responsibility transcends national boundaries, and includes our oceans as well.

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