eMinistry – You Get What You Pay For

How do you maintain your web presence? Chances are, it’s with a volunteer. Webdesigners are usually barraged with requests for help by friends who have boutique small business. They are frequently also asked by their houses of worship to volunteer their services as well. But, there’s a case to be made for investing some of […]

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WebDef: ichariba chode

ich·a·ri·ba chode /ē’chärēbəˈchōd/ – Phrase: Okinawan phrase meaning “having met, we are as siblings.” Rarely will you find an entire phrase as a WebDefs entry. However, this phrase from Okinawa is worth our attention.  In contrast to members of Japanese society as a whole, Okinawans are among the longest lived, happiest people on earth.  A documentary […]

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WebDef: Karoshi

Kar·o·shi /käˈrōshē/ – Noun: Death by overwork. Karoshi, 過労死,  is a Japanese term relating to the occupational sudden death due to job-related exhaustion. Generally, the cause of death is reported as heart attack or stroke, but the deaths are commonly thought to arise from the workplace culture of “voluntary” unpaid overtime and a process known as Japanese Production […]

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Understanding the Pressures of Work on the Congregation

Religious communities need to understand the ethical issues raised by the contemporary workplace

January 16, 2010 in Workweek by

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