17 Cool Ways to Follow Jesus on Followers Day

Did you realize that April 17th is Followers Day?
Now you do! And, now that you know, will you celebrate with us? It’s really easy, and we think it will be meaningful, also.

Followers’ Day has been around for five years now. It started one day as a small group of people noticed how many days were being set aside for silliness, and imagined how nice it would be, in our ever increasingly secular society, to set aside one pop-culture day to focus on our relationship with God as followers of Jesus. Follower’s Day would be a time to grow closer to Jesus through imitation and discipleship. It would be a day of reflection, as followers looked inward, asking inwardly what it meant, personally, to be a follower. And so it was that Followers Day was born. As it lands on April 17th, it’s fitting to offer seventeen Cool Ways to Follow Jesus:

  1. Show love – just give someone a hug, pick up the phone, or send someone a good thought or send up a prayer for them – John 13:35
  2. Give thanks in all circumstances, and seek to praise God in all things – 1 Thess 5:18, Ps 150
  3. Stretch out your hand to Him, asking for what needs healing in your life – Matt 12:13 – and asking the Holy Spirit for guidance where needed also – John 14:16
  4. Know you’re loved – receive it  – 1 John 4:19
  5. Look to your calendar for all the official Holy days this year, and make a plan to celebrate them in a way that honors your relationship with God. 
  6. Help the poor – Matt 25:35
  7. Remember the forgotten  – Matt 25:35
  8. Give in secret – Matt 6:1-4
  9. Make prayer a regular part of life – Mark 1:35, Matt 14:23
  10. Be a healing presence for others in His name – Acts 4:30
  11. Keep your strength under control – Matt 5:5
  12. Mend a fence, be a peacemaker – Matt 5:9
  13. Seek justice – Matt 5:6
  14. Love kindness & show mercy & forgiveness – Matt 5:7
  15. Let your light shine, and encourage others – Matt 5:16
  16. Don’t let doubts be a stumbling block. Put your hand in the hand of the One whose faith was perfect – Hebrews 12:2
  17. Feeling adventurous? Read one of the parables, and put yourself in the story. Imagine yourself as one of the disciples, or one of the bystanders, one of the sick people or one of the Romans.  That’s a step on the road towards Ignatian spirituality. Or, why not simply meditate on Him: Wait for the Lord, be strong, take heart and wait for the Lord – Psalm 27:14

Interested to learn more about Followers’ Day? Visit our other posts on the topic, here.  May the blessings you receive on Followers’ Day – and every day – be the blessings you need most.

– NHM Ministrants

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