Healer’s Path – Assignments Overview, Readings & Media

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Area Time
Instructional Videos – 5 1/2 hours: Class 1 – 24:33; Class 2 – 35:08;  Class 3 – 19:11;  Class 4 – 28:51 Class 5- 13:07; Class 6 – 38:38; Class 7 – 33:08 & 14:04 & 8:29; Class 8 – 40:29; Class 9 – 28:26; Class 10 – 37:33 5  1/2 hrs
Contemplative Practice – 10 minutes per day, 6 days / week 9 hrs
 Class textbook – session chapter & questions 9 hrs
Three Skype sessions. After class 3, after class 6 and after class 9. For each session, prepare to discuss the textbook questions so far. 3 hrs
Journaling – 10 minutes per day, 6 days / week (1 hour / week) 9 hrs
Feedback & Listening Exercises 2 hrs
Written Exegesis Exercise tbd
Online Reading/Viewing – 20+ minutes / week 3+ hrs
Total  [under development ]  tbd

BGU ASSIGNMENTS This online course, taught by Rev. Dr. Lauren Speeth, awards 30 clock hour of continuing education credit and a BGU Certificate of Achievement.  The course is self-paced, and can be started and completed on your own schedule in as little as nine weeks. The assignments are:

Week 1 – Session 1, 2, 3  – Intro, Methods, Models

Week 2 – Session  4, 5, 6 – Start Within I & II, Beginner’s Mind

Week 3 – Session 7, 8 – Communication (& Iconography & Humor), Beyond Tolerance

Week 4 – Session   9, 10 – Creation Care, Minister as Healer

Area Time
Instructional Videos 5 1/2  hrs
Contemplative Practice – 10 minutes per day, 6 days / week 9 hrs
Journaling – 10 minutes per day, 6 days / week (1 hour / week) 9 hrs
Feedback & Listening Exercises 2 hrs
Mental & Written Exegesis Exercises 2+ hr
Your Textbook (and exploration from links within textbook) – 20+ minutes / week 3+ hrs
Total 30+ hrs

The more time you invest, the more you will take from this class.  Instructional videos, journaling and contemplation practice make up the crux of this course.  We trust you to find the right balance, at your level of fluency with English language materials.  Plan to spend *at least* 20 minutes per week on required reading and supplemental materials, listed below.  This overview course is designed to be experiential in nature. As such, it won’t bury you in reading and written assignments. The required reading is all available through links, below. Although a supplemental bibliography has been provided to you, it is for your interest only, to help you pursue this topic more deeply.  There is no requirement to purchase a text, as it has been provided to you.  The videos have been selected to help you gain perspective and broaden your understanding. Some are obvious, such as Richard Saller, the Dean of Stanford University, speaking about Poverty and touching on Jesus’ statements, in The Concert for Hope, or Charlie Chaplin, master communicator, explaining poverty with gentle humor, in a way that evokes empathy. Others are more surprising. The short student social justice films are all award-winners, and will help you understand and appreciate American college students’ viewpoints. Finally, there are other useful resources to which you may find yourself turning, later, in your work and life.


  • Your Class textbook…  [click for PDF]
    • includes supplemental viewing, web resources, and YouTube playlists, in Appendices



We always strive to balance between not overwhelming you with content, but providing you with a firm foundation in the discipline.  With that in mind, as you move through this class, if you feel there is something that should be considered by the instructor for inclusion in future classes, please jot down the reference, and include it in the feedback.


Additional Information

About The Course: The Healer’s Path was created by Rev. Dr. Lauren Speeth in cooperation with Bakke Graduate University and Union University International to equip students with the tools they need when working to bring healing and transformational change in their various spheres of influence.  As implemented at BGU, the course is online and self-paced, and can be started and completed in as little as nine weeks. It awards 30 clock hour of continuing education credit and a BGU Certificate of Achievement.  As implemented at UUI, the course is a part of a degree program, and follows a set schedule with additional assignments.  For more information about this course, including how to register, visit the project overview page.

Bakke Graduate University is a North-American graduate school of business, ministry, and theology originally located in Seattle, Washington,  and now in Texas, offering classes in  the USA and worldwide in online and on-campus formats. With students, alumni and faculty located in over 50 nations, BGU’s global community connects through online courses and urban immersion experiences in the largest cities on four continents. Students in the masters- and doctoral programs receive customized attention, and are mentored by front-line world leaders. The school’s unique and innovative focus is to teach transformational leadership through urban development, responsible business, and Christian theology. Website: www.bgu.edu.

Union University International has programs designed to give educational access to the world’s underserved ministry leaders, providing the opportunity to study in practical, holistic ministry leadership training programs by making education affordable, accessible from any location, in the Vietnamese, Indonesian, Spanish and English languages, with plans for curriculum options in other prominent languages. Website: www.uui.us.

Ministrants.com provides digital resources for healing, hope and harmony for ministrants – and all who are called – along the healer’s path. This website is dedicated to the premise that all who are called, are called to be healers, and aims to help you be more effective in your work, with special assistance and care to your advocacy on behalf of the easily marginalized, forgotten and left behind. Our offerings are inspired by Jesus’ admonitions regarding loving kindness, radical solidarity, open-armed kinship and non-judgmental servant leadership. A division of Elfenworks Productions, LLC, “Beyond Film & Music,” at www.elfenworksproductions.com.

Course Instructor, Rev. Dr. Lauren Speeth completed her religious training at Stanford University Hospital and Clinics, in an interfaith chaplaincy Clinical Pastoral Education program. Prior to this, she earned her DMin from BGU Seattle after earning her BA at Mills College, her MBA at St. Mary’s, and her DBA at GGU. Rev. Speeth is the author of several books, including Intelligence & Compassion in Action (social entrepreneurship), Tracks of Hope (addressing poverty and inequality in the USA), and eMinistry, as well as various music and film releases. Every day, she and her colleagues leverage high-tech experience and a gift for storytelling to foster creative solutions that advance pro-social change, on the cutting edge of hope.

Terms of use: All materials in this course, unless otherwise noted, will be released in 2018 and are copyright © 2018 by  Elfenworks Productions, LLC, with all rights reserved. Sharing, reproduction, or unauthorized distribution of its contents are prohibited. The original purchaser or the designee of the original purchaser is exclusively granted a license to access this online course material. Additional users may purchase a license to access this course material through Bakke Graduate University, Union University International, or other authorized sales agents. For more information about this course, including how to register, visit the project overview page.

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