How2: Spiritual Assessment in 3 Easy Steps. With Video!

Accurate assessment (or evaluation) is an essential first step in providing care… whether as an official ministrant or unofficially, as a caring friend.

It helps you know where to help, by figuring out what area is really troubling someone.  Watch our intro video, and consider these Three Steps to Success:

Step 1: Choose a Framework.  While there are many to choose from, we use the Spiritual Holistic Inquiry Process (S.H.I.P.). This process guides the ministrant’s focus to seven areas of inquiry:

  1. in –  mind/body.
  2. on – relates to role.
  3. around    – relationships.
  4.  above – spirituality.
  5.  below  – roots.
  6. behind – past self-narrative.
  7. before – outlook.

Easy recall is an important consideration in choosing your framework, because sometimes the moment won’t allow for paper and pen. The areas of inquiry are easy to remember in physical space. Simply consider the space around your own body: within you, outside and next to you, before and behind you, above and below you.

Step 2:  Use that Framework.  Be sure you know it well enough that you can bring it into a room and not need to rely on a paper and pen. Your deep knowledge will guide the conversation and also aid you in recalling it, after the fact.

Step 3: Save Your Work Quickly. Notes can be helpful in tracking progress, and informing future conversations. Use of a printed table can jog the memory  [handy PDF]. Be mindful of privacy concerns (e.g., if a hospital setting, HIPAA requirements), and take care to maintain the utmost confidentiality.

Learn more about our S.H.I.P. tool by clicking here.

About our How2 Expert

This time, it’s an internal team member. This particular How2 was written by L. Speeth, who developed this method for spiritual assessment after completing a chaplaincy training program at Stanford University Hospital and Clinics.

What are How2s?

How2s – simple explanations of performing tasks relating to ministry and healing arts – are a regular feature of NHM Ministrants.  Offered (where applicable) in conjunction with select key scriptural passages and analysis, How2s are meant to assist you – the ministrant – as you walk the healer’s path.

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