A Squirrel Tale

Consider the lowly squirrel. Squirrels are everywhere. They have wonderful, bushy tails. That’s one reason we love them. When people are asked, “Why do we love squirrels, and not rats?” the bushy tail is what often first comes to mind.  Of course it’s also nice that they don’t invade our houses and so on…  but the tale is so furry, we almost want to reach out and pet them, like a child’s stuffed animal.  There are even legends about how the squirrel received its tail.


Local squirrel sans tail

Locally in the past few months we’ve spotted a squirrel about town who is missing a tail. We don’t know what happened, but this one’s a survivor,  especially loved by all who see it. Why is this so? Maybe it’s because we love the underdog, the survivor. Maybe it’s because if the squirrel could speak, we know the squirrel could tell us a testimony of having survived some great adventure.

Most importantly – he (she?) seems to be answering for us that age-old question, “if that ‘special something’ we had is taken away, are we still the same?”

This squirrel is, in every respect, a squirrel, still.



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