Beauty from Ashes

We found a community labyrinth (this one was in Calistoga) and noticed how beautiful the placement of rocks made this empty lot.

A labyrinth is a path that leads in a complex and often beautiful pattern towards the center, and then back out again.

Walking a labyrinth is a threefold process. First you leave your worldly concerns behind as you move toward the divine. Notice how as you step through the maze, you are sometimes taken further away from your goal, even as you are making progress.  Second, as you have arrived, you have contemplation time. Third, you take the divine back towards your life again.

The point of the labyrinth isn’t to become involved in ritual. Rather, it’s to take a moment to separate ourselves from the busy-ness and distraction, and focus ourselves on God.  Although no ritual will bring us closer to God, the time we take away from our daily lives and spend in prayerful contemplation of the divine can be profitable.  It’s all in the approach.

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