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NHM Ministrants
Elfenworks Productions, LLC Announces Official Division Name Change
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August 6, 2015—Elfenworks Productions, LLC announced today the official name change of their religious center division. Previously called The Center for Nonharming Ministries, the division will henceforth be called NHM Ministrants. As the name suggests, NHM Ministrants continues to uphold and expound on the concept of nonharming – active harm prevention – in ministry and in daily life.

NHM Ministrants has rebranded to better capture the center’s vision of peaceful outreach and hopeful healing. Moving forward, it is our hope that the name change will not only continue to inspire and engage visitors with existing resources, including the Healer’s Path Oath, but also encourage more visitors to follow the path of healing and hope. “We love the name NHM Ministrants,” Rev. Dr. Lauren Speeth, who heads the division, stated, “because it feels inviting, welcoming, and inclusive.”

The name change is the latest in a series of new developments at Ministrants, including a new hire. Ministrants would like to welcome its newest member, Kelly Franklin, who will act as head of social media for the center. “While I love the original concept, I feel that expanding our vision to include hope and healing truly encompasses the overall message Ministrants is trying to embody.” Kelly said, adding, “I am looking forward to transforming our social media presence to match the name change. Stay tuned!”

About NHM Ministrants
NHM Ministrants ( is dedicated to the premise that all who are called, are called to be healers. Inspired by Jesus’ calls to loving kindness, open-armed kinship and non-judgmental servant leadership, we’re here to help you help. We provide digital inspiration and resources for ministers, chaplains, youth pastors, educators, caring adults, teens, and kids. In these challenging times, Jesus’ life-affirming, open-armed, gentle teachings offer a compelling option: to love, to care, to champion the underdog, to walk a healer’s path and to first, do no harm. This path embraces the essence of His teachings. For no matter what someone’s religious beliefs might be, love is universal and everything Jesus said and did was based on that. We shine a light on how His presence can bring healing and hope, calming these stormy waters. NHM Ministrants is formerly The Center for Nonharming Ministries, a division of Elfenworks Productions, LLC. We welcome you!

About Elfenworks Productions, “Beyond Film & Music”
Elfenworks Productions is a multimedia production company specializing in positive storytelling with a pro-social vision. Our projects – whether internally originated or in partnership with others – range from soothing and nourishing the senses to capturing and celebrating the moment to imagining the possible. Our creative, professional team of storytellers and technologists put their creative spark at the service of the greater good, “bringing light to what is right. sm”  Online at

Media contact: Kelly Franklin, 650.347-9700 or by e-mail kelly.franklin at

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