Door Sized Garden 101

Three Great Reasons to Garden


1.  Local food is tasty, healthy and beautiful.


2.  Abundance can be shared with those less fortunate.


3.  Gardening grounds us. We feel connected with God’s good earth.


Seven Secrets for Small Space Gardens

  1. Look at your space, and decide what containers you’ll use. You can garden vertically, have a raised bed, or use multiple pots. If using multiple pots, consider keeping them together, to reduce moisture loss.
  2. Prepare your soil before you buy your plants.  Remember drainage. And be sure you have enough soil to fill the containers. They can be like bottomless pits… you think you have enough soil, but you really don’t.
  3. Choose what to plant based on what you like to eat: chives, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, watermelons, squash, blueberries, and peas are all great choices… if you like eating them.  Dwarf citrus can do well in pots and give you a healthy boost of flavorful vitamin C.
  4. For better success, buy pre-started organic plants in compostable pots.
  5. Buy heirloom varieties to protect genetic diversity.
  6. Want to spare your manicure? Wear gloves, or run your hands over a bar of soap to help keep dirt from under your nails.
  7. Save water from steaming veggies or an old kettle full of water – let it cool, and use it to water your veggie garden.

Too much bounty? Remember, you can always give away the abundance to those less fortunate. Visit to find out how.


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