Food Waste Weekend


Be Part of an Interfaith Wave
Bring Hope and Empowerment to your Congregation
September 21-23, 2018

Food Waste Weekend is an interfaith campaign of @ampleharvest rallying faith leaders in helping end the tragic loss of edible and wholesome food that is never consumed.  Speak about food waste from your perspective on Sept. 21-23,2018  (or on a later weekend if desired) to your congregation about the problem of the waste of food – from your faith perspective. Tailored sermons are online at for you to edit as you desire, including: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Secular, Muslim and Unitarian-Universalist.1  Please take a moment to fill out the signup information so the founders can know whether they’re in fact reaching as many in the faith community as hoped. Resources to help you spread the word are being added regularly and already include:  Calls to Action, Religious school game show, Frequently Asked Questions, Articles for House of Worship newsletter, breaking news, and more!

It’s so simple: on Food Waste Weekend, give your sermon and invite your congregation to help end the waste of food while nourishing the hungry and improving the environment.  And if your schedule is already full, please at least give it a mention (and let the organizers know you did), perhaps telling folks when you’ll be discussing it more deeply. Thank you so very much. Together, we can cut waste and take a bite out of hunger!

About Food Waste
The waste of food is a problem that starts at the farm and ends on our tables.  This is not rotting or unattractive food as the term suggests.  Rather it is food that the farmer was unable to harvest, the grocery store chose not to sell, the food you throw out because the date on the packaging leads you to think that it’s no longer healthy to eat, the excess food in your garden that has overwhelmed you, the supersized portions of food served in restaurants, the three-day old bread the market throws away when the next shipment comes in, and a lot more. 

Why Focus on Food Waste?
All faiths teach about caring for humanity and the world, yet food waste harms both. By taking better care, we open the door for less hunger and malnutrition, better learning outcomes in schools, and fewer diet related diseases such as diabetes and obesity.  Less waste means better water and energy conservation, slower landfill use, and even more.  And it’s so simple to accomplish.  Easy first steps can include signing up your house of worship’s food pantry with, to help gardeners share their bounty more easily with the hungry. 

Sample Sermon
Click here for our Center Director’s past sermon on a Food Waste Weekend!

Suggested Tweets

  • Join faith leaders on #foodwasteweekend Sep 8-10 to feed the hungry
  • Ecumenical sermons online for #foodwasteweekend Sep 8-10 at
  • Want more food for the hungry? Help stop waste #foodwasteweekend 9/8-10/2017.



About helps end waste in a variety of ways, including a website that connects the local overabundance of home gardeners with local food banks, 70% of which are located in houses of worship. Founder Gary Oppenheimer, doggedly determined to move the needle on world hunger in his lifetime, is a winner of the Elfenworks Foundation In Harmony with Hope® Award. Our Center Director Lauren Speeth is proud to serve on the steering committee for this year’s Food Waste Weekend, and our whole team at is proud to be spreading the word. Now, you can, too!  Find out more at and

About provides digital inspiration and resources inspired by Jesus’ life-affirming, open-armed presence. In a world needful of healing, hope & harmony, where underdogs lack champions, and “spiritual but not religious” is trending, we’re here to help you help. We aim to help equip and empower ministrants to follow their various call to heal the world… because all who are called, are called to be healers, and “first, do no harm.” A division of Elfenworks Productions, LLC, “Beyond Film & Music,” at
1  No sermon available for your particular faith group? No slight intended… those covered were simply chosen in order to reach the greatest number of people most cost-effectively. That said, if you have established expertise in your faith group and are willing to tailor one of the sermons and submit it as a free resource to the general public, we’ll pass it along to the folks at for consideration!

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