Gratitude at Christmas

Gratitude… It was nine years ago, Christmas Eve of 2009,  that we brought the Center website live, and one year later on Christmas eve that our webmaster’s dog survived a deadly encounter with dark chocolate, courtesy of some swift help by a friendly emergency vet named Dr. Barchas (great name for a vet, don’t you think?).  She lived another six years, and was such a large presence, her absence left a void requiring two unruly puppies – Ginger and Nutmeg – to begin to fill it. 

We’re being really, really careful with the chocolate. We don’t want Ginger and Nutmeg spending time with Dr. Barchas or any other kind vet, this or any other Christmas season. Like humans, dogs love the taste of chocolate…  unlike us, chocolate is deadly to dogs.  Baker’s chocolate is the worst, followed by dark chocolate, followed by most of what’s in Christmas stockings.  The run-in with chocolate seven years ago turned out well – prayers answered, though not exactly the way we’d have predicted Christmas Day would go.  It is our sincere hope that this Center will, if not answer prayers, at least answer questions. We’re grateful to be here and at your service, and for two adorable little reasons to keep the chocolate out of the house and out of reach at the office, this year.

Have a very merry, and very blessed, Christmas.  


P.S., Friends, if you celebrate other things besides Christmas, or you find the holidays difficult to bear, you’re also welcome on this site – that’s what nonharming’s all about.   We wish you blessings this holiday season, whoever you are and wherever you are in your walk of faith.  



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