Life as Celebration

Jan in Calistoga
Here is Jan, whom we had the honor to meet this weekend in Calistoga. Jan is 77, and he is Dutch. He has survived cancer, and his response is to spread joy, with his little black dog, who seemed very content to be along for the ride. If you look closely you’ll see a little ‘cancer sucks’ pin somewhere on his fanciful bike.

“They told me to go fly a kite” he jokes, pointing at the butterfly kite he has added, “so I did.”

It takes courage and heart to smile in the face of adversity, to choose to spread joy and love instead of cursing God and spreading vitriol. We never would have known Jan’s motivation if we hadn’t asked him about it. Jan risks being written off as so many in California are, but he seemed pretty sane to us.

Have any of our readers seen that odd old film, Harold and Maude?  Maude had clearly been through some adversity, too, and probably made a similar choice somewhere along the path.

the dog in the back of the bike

It takes courage and conviction to celebrate life with a smile and choose to spread happiness. What a great choice!

Besides the film Harold and Maude, Jan’s story brings to mind a few Psalms, such as Psalm 3096-98, 136. What does it bring to mind, for you?

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