Hawaiian Children Need Education…

Maui, Hawaii has had to furlough its schools on Fridays due to budget issues… so the elves at Elfenworks have posted an UKULELE version of ‘Such a Crime’ for anyone who would like to put on a poverty awareness event. For more, visit The Elfenworks Foundation – www.elfenworks.org

Before we became NHM Ministrants, we were The Center for Nonharming Ministries.  A wonderful artist in Kihei generously created and shared the following scroll with us.  It is entirely hand-lettered.  Check him out next time you visit the land of Aloha!

Mahalo for anyone who gets involved in fostering education in children, or helping make the world a better place in any good way you imagine. Never underestimate your ability to make a ripple.


Your friends at NHM Ministrants

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