Prayers for Japan

The Lord's Prayer in JapaneseWith radioactive water leaking from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear station,  a never-before-attempted $470+ million plan to build an underwater ice wall is underway.  Successful intervention is critical; unless things change, plumes of radioactivity will likely reach US waters as early as 2014. Prayers for the people of Japan, the workers and scientists on this project, and our world’s oceans, are urgently needed.

We originally posted this page when the 2011 Tsunami hit. We suggested that, along with any gifts to relief organizations such as International Medical Corps or Doctors Without Borders that prayers would be helpful as well.   Now, Japan is beginning to seek overseas help for its nuclear cleanup. Prime Minister Motegi has been quoted as saying: “We will be looking for the best knowledge, technology and information with regard to how to manage the contaminated water at the plant and how to decommission the complex.”

The video above is of The Lord’s Prayer in Japanese.  We offer our prayers in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Japan, as they face this new and daunting crisis.  And we ask, in Jesus’ name, that the Lord bring light, inspiration, guidance and help to all who are working towards resolution, blessing their heads, hands and hearts and fortifying them in mind, body and spirit.




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