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UQ-Media Content Now at Main Site
For a number of years, we maintained a separate website on interfaith understanding – “So All May Live in Harmony!”, before absorbing the content into our main website. That site was dedicated the proposition that truth and reconciliation are preferable to violence as the as the principle (and only sustainable) means of resolving our differences. The UQ stands for “understanding quotient,”  much like IQ, and within our own control to raise.

Through that site, we invited all our visitors to pray for peace and understanding between all groups. Every day, our fragile world seems smaller and more interconnected, and groups which might once have imagined they could live peacefully in ignorance of each other are thrust together more closely.

Malware a Factor
One of the reasons for shuttering the standalone site was a vicious attack from malware, which forced us to shutter and regroup. We took the site down for a number of months, and then ported the content here.

The peace quest continues here, and we invite all our visitors more about the basis for peace that they can find in their faith tradition, and in the faith tradition of others, for bridge-building.  We continue to add to our resources, and strive always to provide the UQ-raising tools, tips and techniques.


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