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Thank you for visiting our “get involved” page.  The Center for Nonharming Ministries is not a registered 501.c.3 nonprofit; any assistance cannot  be considered volunteering, for tax purposes.  But you will have our gratitude, and the others may be enriched by your efforts, should you choose to get involved.

At this moment, we are especially interested in hearing from:

  • PRAYER PARTNERS – Prayer is a powerful force, and we welcome positive prayers offered in support and loving kindness.  We offer thanks and gratitude to you. And yes, we already do hold “visitors and prayer partners” in our prayers, as well.
  • HEALING PROFESSIONALS – Perhaps you are a chaplain, social worker or psychologist, or a doctor interested in the spiritual dimensions of patient healing. If your work includes patient assessment, then perhaps you’d be open to trying out the Spiritual Holistic Inquiry Process and providing us with feedback. If so, we’d love to hear from you.
  • LANGUAGE SPEAKERS – Do you speak a language that we don’t already have recorded on our Lord’s Prayer page? Would you lend your voice? If so please contact us for particulars (Elfenworks Productions, LLC is coordinating the recordings for this and also for The Elfenworks Foundation’s Breathing Butterfly project, a project that also could use translation/recording assistance). For languages we are actively seeking, there is the possibility of a small stipend available. [recording tips]
  • SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS / HOME SCHOOL PARENTS – Are you currently working with kids to teach them biblical basics?  Would you be open to trying out our Pastor Fish children’s songs and stories and providing us with feedback?  If so, we would love to hear from you.  The first few teachers or youth ministers who contact us will be given a free copy of the Pastor Fish Radio Hour CD.
  • SMALL BUSINESS – We have a few concepts we would like to develop in support of charitable works, perhaps even to co-brand. We would love to brainstorm ways to work together.  See our “Nosegay” post for one such concept.
  • TAKE ACTION – see our TAKE ACTION pages (you’ll find them in the RESOURCES menu)  for ways to get involved on your own, with a wide range of issues, from creation care to education, social justice concerns to peacemaking, and even a methodology for effectiveness. Many of the pages also highlight social entrepreneurs who are making a difference and who could be potential partners.  Check them out!

We will update this page as our needs grow or change.  And, as always, we are grateful for helpful, constructive feedback.  Do you especially enjoy a particular feature (e.g., Lord’s Prayer, WebDefs, or WebGems), for example?  Let us know.

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