How to Meditate: Mindfulness in a Nutshell

Note: we also offer text versions of mindfulness meditations, and are developing audio tracks for both the instruction and the meditations.  For downloadable, listen-along MP3s, we suggest you visit

How to Meditate: Here’s a little instruction on how to meditate. Because we are all different, there is no single, correct way to meditate that works perfectly for everyone, but there are guidelines that can help you get started.  First, it’s useful to make the time for yourself to do this on a regular basis in a place and time where you’re unlikely to be interrupted for a time. Next find a posture that feels at once relaxed – comfortable – and also dignified. If you are sitting, your back may be as straight as is comfortable, perhaps supported in a chair or against a wall, your hands comfortably on your lap, either up or down, as you like… and your feet flat on the ground. If you choose to lie down, you may be very comfortable, and yet there’s a greater chance of falling asleep. Sometimes sleep is what’s needed, and the point is to be gentle with yourself as you experiment with what works best for you.  Some people even set aside one of the meditation recordings as a bedtime recording, with the intention of using it to help with sleep.  Some meditations start with a few deep breaths – slow and deep and complete, allowing the tension to flow out. Some meditation recordings are guided visualizations, others accompany you as you follow along with your breathing.  Some people like soothing sounds such as the recording of rain or water in the background, and others prefer the general sounds all around them.  At first it may seem hard to find the time even for the smallest of meditations, but then when life starts working better for you, you may come to realize it’s really healthy and nourishing… a way of showing ourselves loving kindness. As they say in airplanes, put on your oxygen mask first, before setting out to help others.  May your meditation or contemplation practice be like nourishing oxygen in your life. God bless.

But… Why Meditate?

Here is Our Text With Variations

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