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Time to Talk in Church about HIV and AIDS   –  Bakken Books, Acme WA [more]

Now is the Time to Talk! This discussion is for those grieving the loss of loved ones, those watching as this pandemic unfolds, and those whose lives have not yet been touched by HIV and AIDS.

This book was “designed to be a Bible study discussion guide. The lessons draw parallels between leprosy and HIV and AIDS, between a much feared, ancient disease and a modern counterpart. The goal is not to locate right answers – there are no right or wrong answers for many of the questions – but to study and discuss.  Each of the ten lessons contains opening thoughts, a Scripture story text using the Contemporary English Version, nine or more questions, and ends with a promise from the traditional King James Bible.


HIV/AIDS has quickly become the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time! Millions have lost their lives. Millions more have seen their dreams destroyed as they are living with or affected by the virus [that causes AIDS]. Children are growing up without parents and face huge challenges as they strive to make sense out of their broken world.

As followers of Jesus, what is our responsibility in the face of such suffering? What would Jesus do? What does He expect of us? What does it mean to “love thy neighbor” in a world of HIV/AIDS?

Andrea Bakke and Corean Bakke have provided a wonderful tool to explore the Scriptures for insights into these questions. They don’t provide simple answers which can often be trite and unhelpful, but rather stimulating questions that enable you to consider your own responses in light of the Scriptural teachings.

I think you’ll find it a wonderfully stimulating study! The HIV/AIDS pandemic is calling us all to reevaluate our own responsibilities in the face of massive human suffering. Time to Talk in Church about HIV and AIDS will help you think through the difficult and challenging issues. My prayer is that it will help awaken the Church to the opportunity in front of us to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the midst of a hurting world!

– Ken Casey
HIV/AIDS Hope Initiative
World Vision International

Andrea and Corean have done a masterful job of combining medicine, sociology and Scripture into a thought provoking and potentially life changing discussion guide. I was pleased to see that the medicine and sociology were accurate, yet understandable for non-professionals. The Scripture selections are apropos. The questions force each participant to examine his/her prejudices, pet theological positions and walk before God.

– Daryl R. Erickson, MD, FACS

I believe this study has great potential in helping Bible believing people discover the urgency of applying the principles of Christ to our current challenges of HIV/AIDS. Some of us were early victims of a fear created by this new disease and the shame associated with its connection with sexual behavior. I hope that our number will be greatly diminished by efforts to see this disease in the context of the love of Christ for the lepers of His day. The “Burden of a Secret” which I titled my description of that ordeal in our family, will be lifted if people have the opportunity to do this kind of study.

– Jimmy R. Allen
Former President of the Southern Baptist Convention

Indeed, it is time to talk in our churches about HIV and AIDS. This Bible study discussion guide brings the issue to light in conversation with some of the Bible’s most compelling stories.

– Cheryl J. Sanders
Senior Pastor, Third Street Church of God
Professor of Christian Ethics
Howard University School of Divinity

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