Making the Most of Compassionate Outreach Ministry

The students at Stanford University have created a $20 prosthetic leg. The JaipurKnee project now produces at a previously unheard of low price.  Photos of this knee in action can be seen online, and it is obvious that lives are forever transformed with each prosthetic.

When considering what fundraising project to undertake in your ministry, the test could simply be: will this forever change a life? In your heart, comparing these to  shoe box campaigns that include overhead for postage and leave shoe-box trash, good feeling all around, but no lasting change: Internationally, a prosthetic devicesponsoring women, restorative surgery, or a solar light in the darkness certainly will.  Domestically,  what about books for a school, or rescuing children of the night or restoring the earth and seas…  the possibilities are endless.

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