Rough Justice – Another Compassion Song

The following music video, Rough Justice, tackles violence, incarceration, and youth.

There are so many ways to improve on today’s situation: investing in and nurturing America’s kids, intervention, diversion, and better access to mental health care for kids who do end up in prison. It’s rough justice… and we can do better!

REF) Rough justice, and we can do better
Rough justice…its the spirit not the letter
Rough justice, children learn what they live
We must have something better to give

Well a girl needs options before it gets rough…
Somewhere to turn when the going gets tough.
What do we offer that’s not streets, jail or prison,
Is it school or asylum we’re missin’?

Their meds kept her mind from goin’ bad places
To all those black eyes and bloody faces…
It was still hard, but it kept the memories at bay
’til the warden – cold turkey – just took it away

Yea, the one who beat her her now is dead…
She did it… sometimes she wishes he killed her instead
Hard time’s a lifetime, sleep’s like a friend
Waitin’ for a dream to free her again

Who wins and who loses when we make these deals,
Swapping meds cold turkey – who cares how it feels?
Slavery wages makin’ bras for a dime?
She’s stopped growing up, now she’s just doing time.

Ten thousand juvies per mental health pro…
Two thirds have problems, or didn’t you know?
Compassion is out, incarceration is in
it’s an industrial complex, an obsession with sin

She’ll pay the cost – 18 years
She’ll pay the cost in cold angry tears
Good Lord loves you, locked away there
Even when you think nobody, nobody cares (we care)

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Another grassroots compassion topical song possibility

Dare we widen our circle of compassion, until none find themselves outside it? How might that benefit the souls who are already in our spiritual care?

In another post, we ask the question”what if all non-harming ministers were to join together in a grass roots movement leading their communities in song, fostering an ethic of sharing and understanding, and open hearted compassion towards the last and least, right here in our country.” Here, we offer yet another possibility for ministers interested in teaching mercy and kindness, ministers interested in tackling even more painful and difficult topics, within the context of song, because art can sometimes reach where sermonizing cannot. This is just another song, for the list.  

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