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Selections of the Moment

Below is a brand-new video of The Lord’s Prayer in song, generously shared with us by soprano Jennifer Gibbs accompanied by Jacqueline Butler Hairston. It was filmed at The Church by the Side of the Road, Rev. Dr. Ambrose F. Carroll presiding, by videographer Bobby Madison.  We’re so grateful they shared this video with us, and we just know you’ll be blessed by it!

And hey kids, here’s a version just for you… from the Pastor Fish Radio Hour (which we’re working hard on preparing as a 2017 app release in English and also Spanish)!
sheet music is available!  [read more].

About Our Lord’s Prayer Project

lp-thumbWith this “Voices Home” Lord’s Prayer Project, we at NHM Ministrants seek to offer aesthetically pleasing, culturally sensitive versions of The Lord’s Prayer in as many languages as possible, along with resources for creating your own rich, meaningful, multicultural Lord’s Prayer experience, transcending language and cultural barriers.  We work hard to extend the reach of the prayer Jesus taught, using podcasts, a DVD, online videos, songs, sheet music, and more as we dream it up.  We have entitled this project, simply, “Voices Home.” because when we look beyond skin-deep differences, we find the same prayers lifted homeward. Learn more about this project and how to get involved by clicking here.