The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic


Pronouncing Aramaic

Abwûn d’bwaschmâya
Nethkâdasch schmuuch
Têtê— malkuthach
Nehwê tzevjânach aikâna
d’bwaschmâya’f b’arha
Hawvlân lachma d’sûnkanân yao-mâna
Wasbokân chaubên wachtahên aikâna
daf chnân schvoqan l’chaijabên
Weyla tachlân l’nesjuna
ela patzân min bischa
Metul dilachie malkutha wahaila
wateschbuchta l’ahlâm almîn.

Understanding Aramaic

Abwûn— Our Father | d’bwaschmâya— who [is] in the heavens | Nethkâdasch — holy be | schmuuch — your name | Têtê — let come | malkuthach— your kingdom | Nehwê — let be | tzevjânach — your desire [or will] | aikâna — even as in | d’bwaschmâya — heavens | ‘f b’arha so on earth | Hawvlân — give us | lachma — bread | d’sûnkanân — that we need | yao-mâna — day to day | Wasbokân — forgive us wash | chaubên — our offenses | wachtahên aikâna — even as | daf chnân — we also have | schvoqan — forgiven | l’chaijabên — our offenders | Weyla— let not | tachlân — us enter | l’nesjuna — into temptation | ela — but | patzân — part us | min bischa — from evil [error] | Metul — because | dilachie — yours are | malkutha — dominion | wahaila — and authority | wateschbuchta— and glory [songs] | l’ahlâm almîn — from age to age. | Amên.

Aramaic Speakers

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