The Lord’s Prayer in Itawes

Itawes is primarily spoken in the Philippines by the Itawit, or “people of across the river,” in an area that lies between the Chico and Matalog rivers.


Press “play” to listen to The Lord’s Prayer in Itawes, as spoken by Corrie De Boer:


Ama mi nga hinnian kan langit,
Madayadayaw zinan ya Ngahan mu.
Mappatul ka zinan ngin kan ya utun.
Makua zinan ya urem kune na kuan ta lusak ana kan langit.
Iddan mu ya kanan nga mawag mi kan yaw nga algaw,
En pakoman mu ikami kan ya liwaliwat mi
nga kagitta ya nepammakoma mi kan ya nakaliwat ira kan ikami.
Marim ipamavulun nga megiya kami kan tentasion,
En palliaran mu ikami kan y Satanas.

We hope you’ll enjoy our other offerings in major languages of the Philippines. So far, our offerings include: TagalogIbanag, Ilocano, Itawes, as well as English.


Grateful thanks to Corrie de Boer and Mission Ministries Philippines, Inc – for so generously assisting with this translation.

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