The Lord’s Prayer in Romanes (Text)

There are many Romanes (pronounce ROME-ah-ness) dialects, including variations of Balkan, Northern and Southern Vlax, Southern Central, Northern Central, Northwestern, Northeastern, Southern Italian and Slovene. What follows is the text of the Romanes (English) dialect, courtesy Geno Bimbo:

Text – Romanes

Amaro del ki si ando jio,

Bariaras kiro nahv,

Kiro Ampuritzia te avel,

Kiro manglimos te kurdial-pe,

Andi Lumia sahr si ando jio

De amen ahges amaro gesasko mahjo. Yertisahr amaro besehj,

Sar ame yertisardias gola ki kerdia besehj pala mende.

Na trahde ame andau besehja, apo trahde ame avri andi besehj.

Ke o ampuritzia, o zohr, I o gloria se kiro. Akahna I sojha mi.



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