The Lord’s Prayer in Tchiluba


Press play to hear the Lord’s Prayer in Tchiluba as read by Ken Tam


Tatu wetu udi mu diulu
Tunemeke dina diebe.
Bukelenge buebe bulue.
Tuenze pa buloba bu muwudi musue,
Bu mudibo bakuenzela mu diulu.
Utupe tshitupa tshia bidia bietu,
bia buatshia-buatshia lelu.
Utujimijile mibi yetu, bu mutuakumana
kujimijila bakuabo mibi yabo.
Kutufikishi padi mateyi, kadi
Utusungile kudi bubi

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NHM Ministrants has embarked on a project to bring The Lord’s Prayer to the web in as many languages as possible. Click here to find more languages and Lord’s Prayer resources, including how to put on a multi-lingual event featuring the Lord’s Prayer in words and in song.

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