“Voices Home” Song Celebrates Lord’s Prayer

NHM Ministrants has embarked on a project to bring The Lord’s Prayer to the web in as many languages as possible, as well as in song. On this page we now offer a growing variety of songs for your listening pleasure.

I. Soprano and Piano

Below is a brand-new video of The Lord’s Prayer in song, generously shared with us by soprano Jennifer Gibbs, accompanied by Jacqueline Butler Hairston. It was filmed at The Church by the Side of the Road, Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll presiding, by videographer Bobby Madison. We’re so grateful they’ve shared this video with us and we just know you’ll be blessed by it!

II. Lord’s Prayer for Kids

Hey kids, here’s a version just for you… from the Pastor Fish Radio Hour…  Youth ministers (and parents – or other interested folks)  check this out: sheet music is available!

III.  Gentle Bossa Nova “Pai Nosso” 

Please enjoy The Lord’s Prayer  in Brazilian Portuguese, in an original song, with a Bossa Nova flavor. This original song was performed by Dr. Raphael Tito Balbino, who so generously shared with us, so that we could bless our visitors with it. We know you’ll love it as much as we do! Thank you, Dr. Balbino!

Lyrics for Pai Nosso
Pai Nosso, que estais nos Céus, Santificado seja o Vosso nome.
Venha a nós o Vosso reino, Seja feita a Vossa vontade,
Assim na Terra como no Céu. Assim na Terra como no Céu.
O pão nosso de cada dia nos dai hoje, Senhor.
Perdoai nossas ofensas, como perdoamos nossos ofensores,
E não nos deixeis cair em tentação, Mas livrai-nos do mal. Amém.

IV. Voices Home – Lord’s Prayer Montage and Song

Below, please enjoy the song that kicked off this entire project, entitled “Voices Home.” Originally a track from the Commodore Callahan album “Love is Here,” dedicated to Jimmy Carter and his work at The Carter Center, it grew over the years to the multifaceted resource you find today at ministrants.com:


Sheet Music

Nonprofits and faith-based groups have our permission to make limited use of our sheet music for their own “Voices Home” Lord’s Prayer event.   The sheet music is available in PDF format.  

Lyrics  for Voices Home
God of everyone, we celebrate your name.
Teach us to make earth like heaven.
Blessing us each day, we trust you to sustain.
Help us to forgive and guide us how to live.
Teach us to make earth like heaven.
Trespasses and debts, forgiven as we forgive.
Harm, shelter us from harm, lead us from the shadow of death.
Lead us to good paths.And when we fall astray, come to our rescue. Alleluia, Lord we pray.

About This Project

lp-thumbWith this “Voices Home” Lord’s Prayer Project, we at NHM Ministrants seek to offer aesthetically pleasing, culturally sensitive versions of The Lord’s Prayer in as many languages as possible, along with resources for creating your own rich, meaningful, multicultural Lord’s Prayer experience, transcending language and cultural barriers as the same prayer is lifted up in myriad ways.  For the current collection and to learn more, visit www.ministrants.com/lordsprayer today!

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