Quick Tips for Recording Excellent Web Audio

Every day it’s easier to make high quality recordings. Here we offer a few quick tips for recording success:

1.Find a quiet space, away from distractions.

2.Place cell phones in “airplane” mode or power them down completely–cell phones can cause interference, even if you aren’t using them. Turn off the radio, TV, and any other appliances that may add background noise, such as a fan, dishwasher, or A/C unit, if possible.

3.Set the microphone about an arm’s distance away from the speaker.

4.Set your recorder to record a nice high-quality WAV or AIFF file, if possible. You might choose the “44.1khz/24-bit” setting, if you know where to look on your recorder. This will give the editor much finer audio resolution to work with in editing, and when creating the final MP3.

5.Sitting perfectly still, record a little bit of “room noise” or “dead air” (the natural state of the room before anyone talks) for about five seconds before you begin speaking. The editor can then use this to help cancel out any unavoidable hums, yielding a much more pleasant result.

6.Imagine you’re talking to someone. If you’re recording a prayer, imagine you’re talking to God. If you’re recording for a child, then smile (really!) and use a calm, parental, sweet and not-scary voice. It’s easy: speak in the voice that’s right for the audience, making sure each word can be clearly understood. No whispering or yelling.

7.Why not record twice, just in case a car (or a cow) happens by?

That’s it, in a nutshell. We hope it helps.  And remember, if you’re recording a project for someone else, be sure you’ve worked out all the agreements before doing the work.

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