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NHM Videos

Lord’s Prayer in a Tapestry of Languages

See the many variants at ministrants.com/lordsprayer or watch one after the other, on our YouTube playlist:

Our Educational Playlist

Includes vocal techniques for ministrants, our Healer’s Path class extras, and an explainer video on the Spiritual Holistic Inquiry Process:

Our Contemplative Playlist

This playlist includes: The Lorica prayer (read more); Wave Rider Taize (read more); Br. Camillus on “Why Meditate?” (read more); and other features.

Playlist for Kids

This playlist includes The Elfenworks Foundation’s stress-busting butterfly, and sing-along songs such as Garden In My Soul (read more).

Music Video Features (WebGems)

In this playlist you’ll find the praise dance Resurrection (read more), the peace song “For Our Time,” and many other musical gems.

Spoken Word Playlist

Here, you’ll find our own video on how the Center came to exist (read more) as well as many featured sermons from ministers whose perspectives we appreciate.

Student Voices Playlist

Here, you’ll find award-winning student films – from the Elfenworks Campus Moviefest Student Social Justice Filmmaker competition. They are often beautiful and touching, sometimes startling, and always worth watching.