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Many recognize the connection between ministry and healing. Here at the Center, we like to say that “all who are called, are called to be healers.” So it makes sense that our Oath of the Healer’s Path would be based on the Hippocratic Oath for physicians. Echoing the Hippocratic Oath, ours recognizes the power of the position, and the call to do no harm. And Just as with the Hippocratic Oath, our wording also embraces active intervention and a way of living that is in keeping with the position. We offer a general oath, as well. Both of these resources are offered to you in the spirit of fostering healing, hope and harmony:

An Oath is a public statement of a greater intention, so it should be spoken in the presence of others, in such a way as to dignify the moment, and the commitment. Learn more about the background history of the Hippocratic Oath and other physician’s prayers and oaths, by surfing this site.

– NHM Ministrants