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Reference: Methodists and Our Oath

We would like to think that the founder of the Methodists, John Wesley, would approve of  our Center and our Hippocratic-style Oath. In Hearts On Fire: The United Methodist Story,  Wesley is said to have identified three major ways of telling whether a person is holy1: doing no harm and avoiding evil; actively doing good; and  attending on the ordinances of God.  These points all relate to our oath, which is based on the Hippocratic Oath set in a Christian, ministerial context.

Active intervention – encompassing the first two of Wesley’s three points – lies at the core of this Center, which is primarily geared towards those whose lives are focused already on Wesley’s third point, actively attending to the ordinances of God. This is the Center’s raison d’etre.  If only Wesley were alive, we would most certainly ask him to be on an External Advisory Board!


1Hearts on Fire! The United Methodist Story. Nashville, TN: Cokesbury, The United Methodist Publishing House. 1998: 53.