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Reference: Scouts and Professional Oaths (links)

Other oaths may be of interest to those who want to delve deeper. We’ve included direct link to the oaths themselves, for fastest reference :

For Youth:

  • The Scouts’ Promise and Law, for girls and boys is the most widely known oath. Since 1908 it has included the idea of doing ones best both to ones country and to God as one defines it. The Promise accommodates pluralism by explaining “duty to God” as adhering to spiritual principles, loyalty to the religion that expresses them and acceptance of its resultant duties.

For Healing Professionals:

  • the (Florence) Nightingale Pledge, for nurses, based on the Hippocratic oath, with emphasis on uprightness and honor, justness, generosity, and confidentiality, but with deference to the physician (later changed, to the ‘team’)
  • the Physician’s Oath for Osteopaths

For Public Servants:

LGBT Related

  • The “It Gets Better” pledge, open to all who wish to provide hope to LGBT teens and take a stand against hatred and bullying.