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Healers Path Class

communicator_award_NHMhealerpath_onlinevideodistinction communicator_award_NHMhealerpath_webinardistinctionWe are pleased to be working in partnership with Bakke Graduate University and Union University International to bring you the award-winning online course, The Healer’s Path.    This class has been honored by the 21st Annual Communicator Awards, as a recipient of “Award of Distinction” for Online Video and Webinar. [press release].

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A multimedia-rich class to equip ministers, chaplains, students and other healing professionals in walking The Healer’s Path. Right from the first class, students can better navigate today’s thorniest issues, with a toolbox brimming with new tools to help them build bridges and heal the harm in this world… The Healer’s Path is a Connected, Contemplative, Open, Discerning, Joyous, Healing Journey. All who have an open heart to explore this path – no matter what your background may be – are welcome. We’re so glad you’re joining us.

This course draws from a rich diversity of sources, including religious studies, applied ministry, ethics, social entrepreneurship. From day one, you’ll see a difference in your ministry. The course will:

  1. Give you the grounding in The Healer’s Path, and help you internalize it in your life.
  2. Equip you with the tools to successfully engage with any issue from a Healer’s Path perspective.
  3. Open the door to a life path – The Healer’s Path – for more effectiveness and joy.

The course of study was first envisioned for ministers, but we’ve discovered that it’s also helpful for others in the healing arts. It provides a viable framework for dialogue, in the spirit of humble service, while advancing the Healer’s Path in the ministry. We believe that together we are stronger, and “all who are called, are called to be healers.” Whoever you are, whatever your background, and wherever you are in your faith journey, as long as you desire to grow your understanding and advance along a healer’s path, and as long as you can pledge to follow a “healer’s path” with your fellow classmates during any group activities, we welcome you. We recognize that members of our community will hold divergent views with deep conviction,and also that students, whose studies have been primarily in the medical field might not be familiar with some of the terms used in theological circles. Although we use Biblical texts, all quotations are clearly cited and key concepts are defined. That said, we also realize that many of our students will have spent a lifetime in pursuit of deep, theological understanding, and we do not “dumb down” the material. As such, we believe that a wide variety of people will benefit from engaging with The Healer’s Path curriculum.

The class content has been logically divided into ten subject areas: 0) Welcome; 1) Introduction; 2) Methodology; 3) Models, Then and Now; 4) Start Within – Inner Landscape; 5) Start Within – Feedback for Self-Assessment; 6) Beginner’s Mind; 7) Beyond Tolerance; 8) Creation Care; 9) Minister as Healer; 10) Communication.  It is also available all on one page for easiest access. In addition, an eTextbook and video notes smooth the path so the experience can be immersive rather than an exercise in rote memorization.   In-depth video content is reinforced by quizzes that you can take multiple times, to reinforce learning. Supplementary reading and media exploration assignments, journaling, contemplative practice, and short exercises round out the experience.

Because of the immersive, experiential, transformative design of this course, set alongside new models for critical thinking, students should be open to the possibility of experiencing discontinuity as they ask deep questions, practice contemplation within the context of their faith tradition, and undertake practical exercises. Students will: engage with others, seeking feedback and practicing active listening; engage with sacred texts, using a guided, stepwise approach; and gain insights from others who have chosen the healer’s path. See below, for a few screen captures that will give you a sense of the flavor of the class:

This course, taught by Rev. Dr. Lauren Speeth.  Eventually, through BGU as a certificate-level course, our plan is to offer 30 clock-hours of continuing education credit and a BGU Certificate of Achievement. The course is entirely self-paced and can be started and completed on one’s own schedule.  Students should check with their registrars for how to proceed with this course (or, you may also check back here for details which will be added as they become available).

We thank you for your interest in this class, which has spanned multiple years in development, and will be launching soon, Godwilling.

God’s peace,

Rev. Dr. Lauren Speeth
Class Writer / Director / Instructor
Director – NHM Ministrants


Additional Information

 Not quite yet, but soon, Godwilling!
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Course Instructor, Rev. Dr. Lauren Speeth completed her religious training at Stanford University Hospital and Clinics, in an interfaith chaplaincy Clinical Pastoral Education program she attended after pursuing her DMin at BGU Seattle. Rev. Dr. Speeth also holds a BA from Mills College of California, an MBA from St. Mary’s College of California, and a DBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, as well as several other certifications. She is an award-winning filmmaker and author on a wide variety of topics. Every day, she and her colleagues leverage high-tech experience and a gift for storytelling to foster creative solutions that advance pro-social change, on the cutting edge of hope.  

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