Pastor Fish Lesson: Creation

School is In – Let’s Get Creative

LISTEN ALONG – Creation Story (Genesis 1)

Pastor Fish: Hey there, I’m Pastor Fish.

(hi, Pastor fish!)

Ready for a story? (yes) Want to know how things got started? (yes) Okay, well, it started when the beginning was beginning, when everything was formless and empty, and our beautiful sea was covered in darkness, and the Spirit of God was hovering over our waters.

(Really? cool)

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

(Wow… God’s words have power!)

Yes they do. God saw that the light was good, and separated light from darkness, calling the light ‘day’ and the dark ‘night.’ That’s what we call the first ‘day,’

(No way! That couldn’t be just a day!)

Remember, God’s time isn’t our time, little fishes. The second day was separating sea from sky! 

(Cool! What did God say about the third day, then?)

That was the day where God said “Let the water gather in one place,” so dry ground could appear.

(Yuck, why bother with dry ground?)

Not everyone is a fish, you know… and God started all the trees and plants growing, too. The fourth day God created sun, moon and stars.

(Wow, way cool!)

And the fifth day was when we fish arrived, and those pesky birds arrived too. God blessed us, and said to be fruitful, and to multiply.

(How cool is that!)

There’s only one more day, and that’s when God said for the land to produce wild animals and livestock… And at the end of that sixth day, God said ‘let’s make mankind in our image and likeness, male and female.’

(Hey wait, so God doesn’t look like a fish?)

Well, you know… God is bigger than anyone can fathom. God is not a human sitting on a cloud, and not a fish swimming in the sea. (okay) The book says they have dominion, but it also says they’re supposed to take good care of the earth and the sea. Okay, school’s out for now. See you next time!

SING ALONG – Sing It Loud

A swan, a squirrel, an owl, a lamb, God loves me for who I am.
Sing it loud and sing it again, a swan, a squirrel, an owl, a lamb.

How God loves the owl and the squirrel. One gathers wisdom from the world.
One saves nuts for a rainy day. Both are beautiful in their own way.

A swan, a squirrel…


  • Review: We Always Review our “Golden Rule Rhyme.” Say together (substitute ‘Sunday school’ for something else such as ‘bible school’ where needed):
    “As we gather in Sunday school, we will follow the Golden Rule.
    To each other be kind and true, as we want to be treated too!” 
  • Bible Savvy: Group leader, explain God’s time vs. our time.  God created everything in six days… how long is a day, to God?
  • Bible Savvy: Group leader, explain the Sabbath rest. On the seventh day, God rested. God didn’t have to rest, but God did.  What about us?


  • Imagination [Materials: paper, crayons] Make a drawing for each of the six days.
  • Role Play [Materials: n/a] Make a skit that acts out the creation story.
  • Role Play [Materials: n/a] Be a swan, a squirrel, or an owl or a lamb. Act out the song, while singing it.
  • Rhyme [Materials: n/a]  learn this rhyme: “God made it all and it was good. Let’s care for creation, just like we should!”  Sit in a circle, and go around from the teacher in one direction or another.   Each child take the next letter in the alphabet and thinks of  something that starts with that letter, something in creation that we care about.  Remind the children not to blurt out answers for letters that are coming up, but to let each child have a turn figuring out an animal, so they can have their turn, too.  Example:

All: God made it all and it was good. Let’s care for creation, just like we should!

Child 1:   Apple

All: God made apples and they were good. Let’s care for the apples, just like we should!

Child 2: Bears

God made bears and it was good. Let’s care for bears, just like we should!


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