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Pastor Fish Easter Video

School is In – Let’s Learn About Easter

Click on the video to the right of The Easter Story to watch the storybook unfold.   You can read along, or read it out loud for yourself. At the bottom of this page are activities to help you share the day.  Lesson plan includes the story, discussion ideas, and suggested activities to make learning fun.  Enjoy… and Happy Easter! 

Follow Along: The Easter Story (Mark 14-16)

Hi there, I’m Pastor Fish. Ready for a story?
I want to tell you the story of Easter… Jesus had been going around teaching, pointing out corruption, calling for justice and mercy, healing people, and even performing miracles, such as raising the dead.
Well, all this upset some of the people in charge.
(Was he in trouble?)
Yes, he was.
(Oh, no!)
He knew what was going to happen, and He told his apostles. Jesus didn’t want to die, and he asked God if possible to change it, but he also accepted it. He was willing to die in this way, because of his great love. He shared bread and wine with his apostles and told them they could do this in remembrance of Him.
(What’s a ‘possle?)
It’s a follower. When Jesus was arrested and taken to trial, his followers wanted to fight, but Jesus said, “Put down your sword!” Jesus was the prince of peace. Israel was under Roman rule, and it was finally Pontius Pilate who ordered Jesus flogged and crucified.
(Oh, no!)
But wait… there’s a big surprise that happened. The stone was rolled away from the tomb and Jesus wasn’t there. The women who had come there were so surprised! An angel told them not to be afraid, but that Jesus had risen. As they ran to tell the others, they saw Jesus, as well! Jesus had overcome the grave. And that’s why we celebrate Easter, the day life triumphs over death, and good over evil.

Okay, school’s out for now. See you next time!

SING ALONG – Sing It Loud

A swan, a squirrel, an owl, a lamb, God loves me for who I am.
Sing it loud and sing it again, a swan, a squirrel, an owl, a lamb.

How God loves the owl and the squirrel. One gathers wisdom from the world.
One saves nuts for a rainy day. Both are beautiful in their own way.

A swan, a squirrel…



  • Review: We Always Review our “Golden Rule Rhyme.” Say together (substitute ‘Sunday school’ for something else such as ‘bible school’ where needed):
    “As we gather in Sunday school, we will follow the Golden Rule. To each other be kind and true , as we want to be treated too!” 
  • Consider: God loves us so very much that God was willing to send Jesus – the Way, Truth and Life – to live and die for us, so that we may have life, and life abundantly.  We sometimes say “God loves us as we are but isn’t done with helping us grow yet.”  How does it feel to know that God loves you so much, your very own self? What does the word “transformation” mean? How does this story show that transformation (bringing new life and new hope)? Right when the disciples thought the story was over, there was a surprise ending.  What was it? How did it make you feel?


  • Imagination [Materials: paper, crayons] Draw the sun shining and an angel.
  • Egg Decorating [Materials: eggs, paint, paintbrushes] Decorate eggs with edible paint.
  • Egg Hunt [Materials: Easter eggs] Hold an Easter egg hunt using boiled and decorated eggs, or egg-shaped objects.
  • Growing Hope [Materials: Seeds, dirt, pots] Plant a little seed. Discuss that the seed is buried, and yet it will soon be transformed and rise up in new life.

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