Pastor Fish Lesson: The Mustard Seed

School is In – Let’s Talk About Faith

LISTEN ALONG – The Mustard Seed (Matt. 13:31-32 & Matt. 17:20)

Hey there, I’m Pastor Fish. Ready for a story? I want to tell you Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed. Have you ever seen a mustard seed?

(no, what’s a mustard seed?)

The mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds. But when it’s planted in the ground it can grow into a big tree.

(Really? It can grow into a big tree like that seaweed over there?)

Yes, big and tall like that seaweed. Jesus said that if you have as much faith as a mustard seed you could move mountains.

(Wow that’s some serious power!)

Yes, even if your faith starts off small like a mustard seed, if you take care of it, it can grow into something powerful. So that with God’s help, you can make miracles happen.


  • Review: We Always Review our “Golden Rule Rhyme.” Say together (substitute ‘Sunday school’ for something else such as ‘bible school’ where needed):
    “As we gather in Sunday school, we will follow the Golden Rule. To each other be kind and true , as we want to be treated too!” 
  • Bible Savvy: Faith is a gift that comes from God. Some people say faith is trusting God’s goodness. What do you say?
  • Bible Savvy: The first step to having deeper faith is to want it. What else can we do to have more faith?
  • Bible Savvy: What’s the deeper meaning of this tale? What can the Bible teach us?
  • Having Faith: God always hears us, and even though we don’t always get everything we ask for, God always loves us.


  • Small and Big  [Material: a mustard seed]  Pass around a mustard seed.  As it’s your turn to hold it in your hand, look how big it is.  Why did Jesus use that example?  How does that make you feel about the size of your own faith? Better, we hope?

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