Pastor Fish Lesson: The Trinity

School is In – Let’s Talk About Our Triune God

LISTEN ALONG – The Number Three

Hey there, I’m Pastor Fish. Ready for a story? This is a counting story. (Ooh, I can count!) Can you count to three? (Sure, 1, 2, 3) Great! Did you know three is a very important number in the Bible? (Really?) Sure! Can you think of anything that comes in threes in the Bible? (Animals!) Well, mostly we think of animals coming two by two, can you think of something else? (Ooh, ooh, I know… wise men.) Yes, three wise men visited Baby Jesus in Bethlehem. (Jesus rising on the 3rd day?) Good one! (Me, me!! I know: The Trinity!) Yes, Father Son and Holy Ghost. Any more? (Didn’t the rooster crow three times?) That’s right, one of Jesus’ best friends denied him three times, after he was captured, before the rooster crowed that morning. Later, Jesus returned and asked him if he loved him, three times, and they were friends again! Any others? (I don’t know) There are many, many examples. I love the number 3, don’t you, class? (Yay!) Okay, school’s out for now, see you next time.

SING ALONG – The Number Three Song

How I love the number 3, 
Reminds me of how much God loves me.
Seen three ways, a Trinity:
Father, Son, and Ghost Holy.
Knock knock knock let thoughts fly free…. 
Don’t stop asking till you see.
One: yes, GOD is one…   two:
Jesus… walked with us,
Three…  Holy Spirit to comfort me!


  • Review: We Always Review our “Golden Rule Rhyme.” Say together (substitute ‘Sunday school’ for something else such as ‘bible school’ where needed):
    “As we gather in Sunday school, we will follow the Golden Rule.
    To each other be kind and true, as we want to be treated too!” 
  • Bible Savvy:   All sorts of possible topics, today…
    • How can there be one God, but seen three ways?  
    • What are other ways to think of God? (God as love, as light, as life)  
    • What is the Holy Spirit?
    • Some numbers have special meanings in the Bible. Can you think of any others?
  • Doing and Being: How do you experience love, or inspiration?


  • Imagination [Materials: paper, crayons] Make a drawing with lots of things that come in threes. 
  • Role Play [Materials: n/a] Make a skit that acts out today’s concepts.

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